My favourite health & wellbeing products of 2019

The year is nearly at an end and it’s been another big year for health and wellness.
Now more than ever, people are starting to appreciate health more and therefore the health food and wellness product market has exploded. You just have to look at the sections in the supermarkets now that are dedicated to plant based/free from items to offer people compared to a few years ago when it was very difficult to find goji berries except in your local hippy health food store!

With so many products having come out it can be a mind field trying to figure out what you need/should try so I’ve summarised here some of my favourite products of the year which I’ve been quite fond of and will continue to purchase in the future.
Note: Obviously before trying any new supplements consult your GP first esp if on medication!

1) Karine jackson shampoo (Beauty kitchen brand)
This shampoo is  made with all natural, chemical free, ingredients and smells lovely to boot! I love this one because it has ingredients that protect the hair but also help pull out pollutants that get in there from the days air/environment. Due to the nature of the ingredients it’s great for anyone with sensitive skin, the only issue i would be mindful of is that there are some essential oils in it which may not be suitable for skin with a lot of broken skin patches.
Find it: Holland & Barrett or online



2) Gato plant based cookie
Who doesn’t want a healthy cookie? I love these raspberry ones that are made with high fibre plant based ingredients, it’s also not too rich, but still feels like a treat without leaving you feeling sluggish or regretting your treat the way some richer foods can do.
Find it: Sainsburys, Holland & Barrett, Ocado


3) Ginseng green tea (rebranding from Qi to Herbal health teas)
Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that can provide energy and help the body deal with stress better. This combined with organic green tea is a great combo especially if you need some energy in the morning. The green tea is also full of antioxidants and has a mild caffeine level, plus is organic meaning it’s free from contaminants that may be in other brands. This particular flavour also has some spice in there too which I love as it gives it a little kick of flavour. This tea brand is also one of my favourites in general.
Find it: Holland & Barrett, health food stores or online e.g. Amazon


4) Rhodiola
This tablet contains a mix of rhodiola (adaptogenic herb) and passion flower which are helpful for dealing with stress and anxiety, the tablet also contains some zinc which is great for immunity and quite complementary as stressful times lowers your immune system, plus B vitamins too for energy release. I take this in the morning when I know I’m going to have a stressful day at work and let’s face it, most jobs are like that these days, so it gives a helping hand to your body.
The dose of rhodiola compared to tablets on their own isn’t huge but it combination with the other stuff it can be a helping hand to your body. On a side note, I’ve also been using some ashwaghanda for cortisol balance which is also released when we’re constantly stressed. Everyone’s body is different so you may respond better to one than another.
Find it: Holland & Barrett or online


5) Ape snacks crisps
These beauties are a great snack based on real food ingredients and the “cheese” flavoured ones are amazing, they really taste like Whotsits but with better ingredients. What I really like is that they use coconut oil which is more stable at higher baking temps whereas most other crisp brands use unstable regular sunflower oil which turns rancid and isn’t great for the heart so if you eat a lot of crisps I’d look carefully at what they use.
Find it: Holland & Barrett, sainsburys, Amazon or Boots

6) Seedful olive loaf
This. Is. Delicous.
I love this bread and couldn’t believe how good it was when I first tasted it. Normally a wholefood, high fibre gluten free loaf is pretty dense or dry but this is neither. It tastes amazing because of the chopped olives which give a mild saltiness which contrasts with the tangy apple cider vinegar for amazing flavour, plus the cider vinegar helps avoid the bread being dense and the healthy fats from the seeds keep it moist, I can’t recommend this brand enough!
Find it: Holland & Barrett

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The Beauty of Eating Well book review

The Beauty of Eating Well by Camille Knowles is her latest creation which focuses on teaching people how to eat for better skin/healing skin conditions.
Camille herself has gone through skin conditions in the past and has learned to heal this through food and find joy in doing so. All the recipes are dairy, egg and gluten free but are full of colour and nourishing ingredients.


Skin healing
Having psoriasis myself, I’m aware of how my condition flares up when my digestive system is at its worst or when my stress levels are through the roof so I love how this book takes a whole body approach to healing skin, i.e, it talks about digestion, managing stress and trying to stay positive all alongside eating well which is really important, as any autoimmune/skin issue won’t go away from simply slugging down an acai smoothie twice a week while neglecting other aspects of your health.

One of the first things I noticed about this book and the recipes were that it focused on very colourful, bright foods which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are key to healing skin, moreover, it also has a few recipes in it that use high quality fish/meat, as they are a good source of zinc which is a key nutrient for healthy skin. So while this book is primarily plant based, it does have some recipes in there which might intrigue even the pickiest meat eater too but also makes it more inclusive as I feel some people can be put off by the thought of a book being completely vegan.


Just to note, some recipes do use ingredients that some people may be very unfamiliar with/find hard to find such as acai or teff but these can be easily substituted by other ingredients, just give it a quick google (for example the teff flour cracker recipe could sub more buckwheat flour etc).
For people with really sensitive guts there are also a lot of recipes that are grain free or use pseudo grains such as quinoa/teff etc and most of the breakfast/dessert recipes are centred around fruit and nuts/seeds rather than heavily grain based. Personally, I love the grain free bread, which is lovely and moist thanks to the good fats and goes great with soup!

The Beauty of Eating well is a good entry point for someone first learning about how to take care of their skin from the inside out. It will give you a few nourishing recipes to start kick your healing journey as well as tips for looking after your health in other ways too in order to achieve much healthier, happier skin.
You can buy the book in multiple forms from Amazon here:

Low carb, high fibre bagels

Yes you heard that right!
Bagels that are low carb, grain free AND high in healthy fibre which keeps you full and satisfied, plus feeds a healthy gut microbiome. What more could you want?


Healthy can be yummy too
This is one of those recipes I’d love for people to try when they say that healthy food is too complicated or boring or bland.
Healthy food doesn’t have to equal deprivation. You can still have your favourite things, just made with more nourishing ingredients that feed your body better.

These can be served with anything you like and used at whichever meal of the day you prefer. I like to toast them and top with avocado and some spices or else with Violife plant based cheese spread and sun-dried tomatoes for a savoury breakfast.


read more…

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I'm Siobhan. Thanks to my Masters in food security I love learning about what food does for our health & believe that knowing how our food enriches us, makes it easier to live healthier.

I want to learn as much as I can about food, health & wellness, so figured why not share this with others? I also love to make delicious treats that are healthy to eat!

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