Best recipe I’ve made so far! You’ll  these notella nibbles. They’re soooo creamy & melt in your mouth good!
Heavenly “no”tella nibbles Desserts Grainfree Popular snack vegan

I call these “no”tella nibbles as there isn’t any processed nutella in them but they taste so amazing that you’d think there was!

These homemade treats are also great because you can enjoy them knowing exactly what’s in them, no hidden nasties!

I made this recipe 2 ways, one without crunchy cacao nibs/nuts and one with them so you can choose whichever one you’d prefer. Personally, I loved the crunch of the cacao nibs.

Heavenly “no”tella nibbles Desserts Grainfree Popular snack vegan
Healthier homemade version of nutella chocolates

Recipe (makes 15 hearts plus 6 bun case bites)

-50g coconut oil
-75g hazelnut butter
-2 Tbspn maple syrup
-3 tspn cacao powder
-1/8 tspn pure vanilla powder
optional: cacao nibs or chopped nuts for the crunchy version
Heavenly “no”tella nibbles Desserts Grainfree Popular snack vegan


Weigh out the coconut oil and nut butter into a pot and gently heat until it starts to melt and become a liquid, don’t over heat it. Once it is nearly all melted, add in the maple syrup and stir again until totally melted and combined. Take off the heat then stir in the vanilla powder and cacao powder, stir until its smooth. If desired sprinkle cacao nibs/nuts into the bottom of the moulds. Then using a teaspoon, spoon the mix into your moulds.

Next, place the moulds into the fridge until set. This will take around 2 hours then place into the freezer for around 10-15mins, this will make it easier to remove them from the moulds without messing up the shapes. If you don’t care about how they look then feel free to just scoop them right out of the moulds, skipping the freezer stage.Final step, scoff scoff scoff!
These should be stored in the fridge and will keep there for a good 8-10 days.