Easy, veggie meatballs

I don’t often make my own veggie meatballs because most recipes i see tend to use loads of ingredients or require things like cooked quinoa or breadcrumbs so I wanted to make a fairly simple recipe. These are even better than I originally thought they would be because of the sweet sun dried tomatoes adding major flavour which go really well with any herbed gravy you have. They add a kind of meaty texture too plus lots of nutrition, not to mention the fiber that’s also in this recipe.

Easy, veggie meatballs Dinner vegan



Savoury Mediterranean scones

Savory, sugar free, Mediterranean scones, these beauties are great for an afternoon tea gathering especially if someone prefers savory over sweet.
These scones are filled with salty olives, sweet sun dried tomatoes, tangy feta and lovely fragrant herbs, plus the lemon zest really lifts up the flavour and cuts through the richness of the other ingredients, I highly recommend adding this in.

Savoury Mediterranean scones Breakfast Dinner Lunch snack


Veggie meatball bean casserole

This recipe is so easy, 1 bowl/baking dish is all that’s required, it’s packed with veg (including the “meatballs”) and therefore also has lots of fiber plus colour too, after all, it’s important to eat a rainbow (no not those sweets you grew up on) but a variety of wholesome plants and foods.

This is becoming one of my favourite new recipes, I really like how easy it is, it’s full of flavour and you can adjust this recipe very easily to suit your own needs/tastes. It’s a great way to get those veggies into kids especially if you don’t tell them you used veggie based meatballs (could also try to sub in some falafel and hope they don’t notice!).

Veggie meatball bean casserole Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan


Savoury courgette, tomato & feta flapjacks

No joke, these things taste and smell a little bit like a pizza, the herbs+cheese+tomatoes are a great combo and one you need to try at least once!
They’re great for lunchboxes but also for anyone who wants more fibre in their diet but doesn’t like or want oats for breakfast then this recipe is a great one.

Savoury courgette, tomato & feta flapjacks Dinner Lunch

The courgette in this may seem a little strange but trust me it works, it gives moisture to the recipe plus the other ingredients cover any bland flavour it has. It’s also another veg that’s squeezed in there which can be a secret from anyone you want to feed more veg to without really knowing!


Quick & easy tomato hummus pasta

This super easy and quick plant based pasta dish is a midweek dinner winner!
*Can be 2/5 day depending on the type of pasta you choose
*Can be made in under 10mins
*Full of fibre and nutrition
*Easily tailored to suit gluten or grain free diets

Quick & easy tomato hummus pasta Dinner Lunch vegan


Vegan creamy curry mushroom pasta

This quick, comforting mushroom pasta dish is the perfect autumn/winter meal, full of spices and flavour with the creaminess coming from coconut yogurt.
Use any curry paste that you have in your fridge, they should all work just fine and to really increase your veg & fibre intake try using a legume based pasta such as chickpea, red lentil or green pea/lentil. I personally really like red lentil with this dish.

Vegan creamy curry mushroom pasta Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Plant based yogurt
Plant based yogurts are really easy to get hold of these days in the big supermarkets, I’ve tried a number of them ranging from M&S to Asda, with a blend of fermented non GMO soy & coconut from Asda being the cheapest at £1, as it still has some coconut in it the flavour works fine and is still quite creamy which I really like, plus doesn’t have any sugar or a tonne of thickeners/starches etc in it.

Vegan creamy curry mushroom pasta Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan