Coconut, harissa and pomegranate chickpea pancakes

This combination of creamy coconut, hot harissa and sweet pops of pomegranate seeds on these chickpea pancakes is a dream mixture and great plant based meal full of goodness. There’s antioxidants in the pomegranate seeds, good medium chain, easily digestible fats in the coconut, spices in the harissa paste and fibre and protein in the chickpea flour (which you can get in the supermarket btw).
I really like this meal when I’m craving something different from the usual dinners and flavours you typically rely on and gives you a way to consume more pomegranate seeds which are packed full of Polyphenols which some people probably aren’t getting enough of.

Coconut, harissa and pomegranate chickpea pancakes Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Cooking with chickpea/gram flour
If you’ve never made chickpea flour pancakes/mixtures before, just note that it’s slightly different from usual flour so it won’t be as light but is great for savoury meals and provides a good thick texture to the recipe. They also need to be cooked out a bit longer than regular pancakes, they don’t brown quickly so don’t worry about them burning easily. Check out my veggie slices made with chickpea flour for another idea on how to use it.
TIP: for best digestion if you have time to soak the flour and water together for an hour/up to a few hours then this enhances digestibility and nutrition


Chickpea flour pizza

Grain free, healthy, high fibre chickpea flour pizza!
Not only are you getting to eat pizza but it’s made from a veg!

Chickpea flour AKA gram flour is so cheap and easy to get once you know where to look, it’s usually in the continental/world food section of the supermarkets so I urge you to try it out, it’s not expensive and is a healthy, easy way of cooking with new flours.
For another chickpea flour based recipe check out these Veggie slices

Chickpea flour pizza Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Note: You will need a small circular pie base to hold and shape the mix as it’s runny until baked, I used a small silicon rubber pie mould. You could possibly use a small frying pan that’s oven safe however I haven’t tested this so let me know if you do.

Once you have the flour it’s easy and quick to make this pizza, you don’t have to knead anything, plus it’s naturally high in protein and fibre, grain and gluten free so it should be suitable for many diets. Bloat free pizza anyone?
TIP: For best digestion if you have the time, allow the flour and water to soak for a few hours

Chickpea flour pizza Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan


Spicy egg fried cauli “rice” with avocado

This faux egg fried “rice” dish is such a good way to sneak some cauliflower into your meals while at the same time reducing your intake of white rice/refined white carbs in favour of a higher fibre option.
The spices, creamy avocado and eggs really add flavour to this dish so don’t worry about any weird cauliflower taste (because let’s face it who likes bland cauliflower?), honestly, this is one of my favourite ways to consume cauli (and it’s one of my most hated veg!)
Cauli haters just try this dish ONCE just to see how tasty it can be, then thank me after lol!

I cannot stress enough how important the spices are here, plus a good hot sauce really lifts it, don’t leave them out, especially the ginger as it’s what adds flavour, the tamari/soy sauce adds lovely salty umami flavours too so I urge you to follow the recipe closely as if you don’t it’s basically plain cauliflower. The avocado really compliments this well too and bulks out the meal so please also have a ripe one handy if you plan to make this.

Spicy egg fried cauli "rice" with avocado Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch



Leftover pumpkin mac and cheese

Got leftover pumpkins/pumpkin flesh from Halloween and don’t want to waste it?
Whip up this comforting, nutritious, healthier mac and cheese in under 30mins then feel smug because you didn’t waste any of that pumpkin!

Comfort food with benefits
The combination of melted cheese and pasta makes this dish proper comfort food during colder weather but you also get nutrition from the pumpkin, fibre from the wholegrain pasta and I share a tip on how to maximise the benefits from the garlic, also make sure to include the black pepper as it helps the absorption of other nutrients so you can really maximise the goodness of this dish.

Leftover pumpkin mac and cheese Dinner Lunch

For other pumpkin/squash recipes check out my savoury chilli cheese scones  or pumpkin bars with chocolate ganache or no bake pumpkin brownies 


Super quick curry carrot lentil salad

This recipe really is super quick to make, I always have a pack of puy lentils in my cupboard for quick meals like this and this recipe is naturally nut free if you use the tahini option (this is ground sesame seed paste, it’s like the seed version of nut butter) which you can find in the world food section of the supermarket or at health stores but you can always just use almond butter if you aren’t allergic to nuts.
Furthermore, this meal counts as 2/5 a day with barely any effort, hooray for lazy girl cooking!

Super quick curry carrot lentil salad Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

If you aren’t making this for two people then the second portion makes a great lunch for the next day too.
Let me know what kind of curry combos you guys use if you try it.


Moroccan lentil omelette

Tired of your boring same old omelette?
Then spice it up (literally and metaphorically) with this Moroccan version which uses cumin, hummus for creamy decadence and added lentils which not only bulk it out with added veg but provide some plant protein and fibre to the dish as well!

Moroccan lentil omelette Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Brilliant beans and lovable lentils
Lentils and pulses/beans are such a great food staple, they’re cheap, packed with a type of fibre that your gut loves and most give a decent protein hit too which all means they also keep you full.
Another bonus is that beans and pulses can blunt energy release when paired with high carb foods, so if you’re having that white rice then one way to blunt the insulin spike is to add beans, which is a delicious way if you ask me.
This is because the beans will block an enzyme that’s needed to break down the starch and carbs in the other foods meaning you don’t get as much of an energy spike, woo!
A study across various countries examining bean/pulse intake in elderly people found that regardless of what country they came from (which is interesting as diets can vary widely) for each 20g increase in bean/pulse consumption this led to a 7-8% decrease in mortality, so eat up folks!