Nut free, berry bliss balls

Nut free, grain free, suitable for allergies, naturally sweetened (no dates) and full of healthy fats. These bliss balls are different from the usual ones with lots of dates and nuts to suit allergies but it’s also good to mix it up sometimes. I like to use raw manuka honey here for antimicrobial goodness too.

Berry ball benefits

The hemp seeds here are really undervalued in my opinion, they’re a good source of plant based fats and fiber and the sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin, so not only will they nourish your cravings they’ll nourish your body too.

Nut free, berry bliss balls Desserts energy balls Grainfree snack vegan

You can adapt these with any other powders or blends you have in your kitchen to add extra goodness for example if you want to use these as a mid morning or afternoon energy boost then add a small 1/2 tsp of matcha powder or some collagen etc.


Wholemeal double chocolate brownies with avocado frosting

When major chocolate cravings hit you should make these healthy, double chocolate brownies were even the frosting is healthy too!
This is also a good way to use up ripe avocado and bananas before they go bad. The cacao powder in these gives a lovely rich chocolate flavour and they’re naturally sweetened, not too much, but just enough to make them tasty without massive energy spikes.
You’ll also get “brownie” points from your significant other if you make these for Valentine’s, plus they’re suitable for a lot of free from diets.

Brownie benefits

By using nourishing wholefood ingredients, there’s lots of goodness in this treat which makes itΒ almostΒ guilt free!
✔There’s fibre from the wholemeal flour and almonds
✔Vitamin E from the almonds and avocado (great for skin)
✔Naturally sweetened
✔Packed full of antioxidants from the cacao and vitamin E
✔Plus there’s potassium from the banana, avocado and cacao which is great for the heart!
What more could you want?!

Wholemeal double chocolate brownies with avocado frosting Desserts snack vegan

For best results regarding the frosting make sure you use a ripe avocado as it will blend better and wont leave you with massive chunks of avo throughout your frosting. Also using a ripe banana will give more sweetness than an unripe one.

Wholemeal double chocolate brownies with avocado frosting Desserts snack vegan

Dairy free avocado frosted brownies


Healthier high fiber gingerbread cookies

Healthier gingerbread cookies coming at you!

These are gingerbread cookies but not as you know it, they’re higher in fiber with a bit of vegan protein in there too meaning they’ll keep you fuller longer and won’t crash your energy levels. Plus, the spices are a great anti-inflammatory for the body so these little bites are better for you than store bought ones.

Healthier high fiber gingerbread cookies Desserts snack vegan



Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts

It’s coming up to my favourite time of year which is Halloween and pumpkin season. I absolutely love baking with pumpkin and eating the results!
I’m also a healthy snack fiend, I love a treat that also nourishes the body which is what I focused on when creating this recipe. So why not make your Halloween this year that bit more nourishing with this creation and use up any spare pumpkin pulp so that it doesn’t go to waste. Oh and it’s not jam packed with refined sugar meaning no energy spikes & dips.

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts Desserts snack vegan


Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans

These bars are very handy for quick mornings or a gut friendly snack, you can bake them the day before and have these ready to go for the next few days. They’re packed with fibre and antioxidants and even have some sneaky beans in there too for the win!

Berry bar benefits

I really like these with some citrusy, tangy baobab, some plant yogurt and stewed berries. You can pack all of this into a tupperware dish to take with you to work if needed. I also like that I’m getting beans in which adds some protein without using protein powders and helps keep you full longer.
Another bonus is that they’re full of gut friendly ingredients including: chickpeas/white beans, baobab (prebiotic), oats, polyphenol packed berries and probiotic plant yogurt. A breakfast/snack that ALSO feeds your gut too! Yeah that’s my type of food =)

Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans Breakfast Desserts snack vegan


Healthier homemade afternoon tea bakes

With everyone being in lock down atm, most of us are missing our meet ups with friends or family and having a catch-up over a cup of tea and sweet treat. As some people are making their own baked goods and then having a virtual tea party over Zoom and are also looking for healthier snacks while they work from home I decided to put together this mix of healthier tea party & snack options

Why not up your snack game to make it a bit healthier using nourishing ingredients and expand your recipe repertoire.

  1. Healthier, wholemeal scones, these are two of my own recipes which have gone down a storm with my family
    blueberry lemonHealthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
    Orange, dark choc & strawberryHealthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  2. Β Peanut butter hummus (for people with more of a savoury palate) from @eatnourishlove
    This would also be a great dip for apple slicesHealthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  3. Spiced fruit & nut biscotti-normally i make these around Christmas time but they’re great all year round and you can adapt the fruit and flavour to suit your tastesHealthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  4. Sneaky veg blog has some great veg/fruit based bakes, these fruit based, refined sugar free flapjacks are an easy afternoon treat to whip upHealthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  5. Another great option which is also vegan from sneaky veg blog are these blueberry banana muffins
    I’d recommend using half wholemeal flour as suggested in the recipe in order to get more fibre in there!Healthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  6. Power hungry Camilla’s almond sponge cake which uses ground almonds and starch to make it means it’s flourless but also gluten free and would go so well with some fresh Summer strawberries and a dusting of baobab powder if you have it
    Healthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack
  7. I love these easy wholefoods oat based cookies from Amy’s healthy baking, you could also sub half the raisins for dark choc chips and I would recommend if you have it that you could sub some flour for flavoured pea protein to balance out the macros a little more and then reduce the maple slightly.Healthier homemade afternoon tea bakes Desserts Lunch snack