Easy blackberry Barbie icing

Barbie icing?! Well what else could I call it?

I absolutely love this icing but especially the colour and I first made it just after the Barbie movie came out so it seemed like a logical name.

The colour is all natural and comes from blackberry juice, I also used a sugar free alternative to icing sugar (that you can find in Tesco) in order to make this refined sugar free but still fun so you don’t miss out on anything!

Easy blackberry Barbie icing Desserts snack vegan


No bake rich chocolate torte

No bake, rich, dark chocolate torte made with natural ingredients and can be refined sugar, gluten & dairy free!

No bake rich chocolate torte Desserts snack vegan

Such an easy dessert with nutrition, fiber and rich chocolate goodness, plus you can make this a head of time and bring to room temp before serving. It is also a great option for anyone with allergies as it is easy to make gluten or dairy free and you can decorate this however you like and tailor the flavour of the choc however you choose very easily so it’s quite versatile too.

No bake rich chocolate torte Desserts snack vegan


Marvelous matcha re-energising donut rings

Donuts that will energise you and not leave you feeling sluggish after a sugar trip? Yes please!

These donuts were ones that I really wanted to contain matcha as it’s a great ingredient but most people don’t know how to consume it except for a drink in the morning. So i wanted to highlight how you can bake with it and get the benefits of an energising, antioxidant packed snack through baking.

Marvelous matcha re-energising donut rings Desserts snack vegan


Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars

Oaty, coconut dark choc chip bars or blondies, whichever way you want to think of them, they’re lovely and go perfectly with a nice cup of tea. They’re also free from lots of allergens so suitable for many diets and refined sugar free.
Bonus? These are so easy to make, just 1 bowl needed and with ingredients you can easily now find in all supermarkets even the coconut sugar which I’ve spotted in Lidl!

Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars Desserts snack vegan (more…)

No bake double chocolate coconut donuts

Great for those hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the oven and make the kitchen even hotter!!
These no bake donuts are a great combo of rich, dark cacao plus coconut and dates for natural sweetness so they’re not loaded with refined sugars.

No bake double chocolate coconut donuts Desserts energy balls snack vegan

Free from donut goodness!

This recipe is also easy to adapt i.e. use gluten free oats for coeliac and a dark choc that’s dairy free etc plus it’s free from refined sugars and I added a superfood blend by VeganTek which has lots of fantastic ingredients in it including ones good for digestion and probiotics which are even more effective because the mix doesn’t need to be heated.
You can even use one after a workout as a refueling treat or a way to satisfy your chocolatey cravings in a more nutritious way!

No bake double chocolate coconut donuts Desserts energy balls snack vegan


Nut free, berry bliss balls

Nut free, grain free, suitable for allergies, naturally sweetened (no dates) and full of healthy fats. These bliss balls are different from the usual ones with lots of dates and nuts to suit allergies but it’s also good to mix it up sometimes. I like to use raw manuka honey here for antimicrobial goodness too.

Berry ball benefits

The hemp seeds here are really undervalued in my opinion, they’re a good source of plant based fats and fiber and the sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E which is beneficial for the skin, so not only will they nourish your cravings they’ll nourish your body too.

Nut free, berry bliss balls Desserts energy balls Grainfree snack vegan

You can adapt these with any other powders or blends you have in your kitchen to add extra goodness for example if you want to use these as a mid morning or afternoon energy boost then add a small 1/2 tsp of matcha powder or some collagen etc.