Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars

Oaty, coconut dark choc chip bars or blondies, whichever way you want to think of them, they’re lovely and go perfectly with a nice cup of tea. They’re also free from lots of allergens so suitable for many diets and refined sugar free.
Bonus? These are so easy to make, just 1 bowl needed and with ingredients you can easily now find in all supermarkets even the coconut sugar which I’ve spotted in Lidl!

Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars Desserts snack vegan (more…)

Hot cross scones

These hot cross scones are filled with flavours of hot cross buns like orange, fruit, spices etc and can be low sugar/ refined sugar free (if you choose RSF choc) plus use higher fiber, more nutritious ingredients. They can be made dairy free/vegan friendly with simple adjustments too, so no need for anyone to miss out. They also use a bit of dried fruit so have some goodness in there for the kids and are a good, easy baking option for them to help out with in the kitchen to keep them busy for a few minute!

These are best served warm but as you need to add the choc crosses they’ll need to be cool enough but you can always gently reheat them before you consume them.

Hot cross scones Breakfast snack vegan


Spiced pumpkin breakfast muffins

Super healthy, easy, spiced pumpkin muffins using oats as the bulk of the recipe meaning it’s like breakfast in muffin form, plus the added spices are all anti-inflammatory and give flavour without more sugar. I’ve also added in some plant protein to balance out the carbs and improve satiety.

Spiced pumpkin breakfast muffins Breakfast snack vegan

Fun pumpkin breakfast muffins or a stealth, health snack.

You can adjust them for a more indulgent snack with addition of dark choc & increasing the sweetness by 1 tablespoon or use for a breakfast option as they go really well with some nut butter, so once you have a batch cooked it’ll last you a few days meaning a quick breakfast ready to go which always helps me get out of bed!
You can also adapt this to suit many diets such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan just use certified ingredients where needed. They’re also a good way to sneak some veg into kids too.

Spiced pumpkin breakfast muffins Breakfast snack vegan


Healthier cherry bakewell blondies

So this recipe is one I adapted from a previous recipe I did with similar ingredients and spices like turmeric or ginger depending on your tastes.

I adapted it to create this cherry Bakewell version full of healthy fats, lovely cherries plus lots of fiber and natural sweetness, this would make a great sub for your afternoon pick me up or a great way to sneak in veg at breakfast! Plus there’s so much nutrition there and sources of fiber for your gut so you should definitely try these at least once, you can always tweak them to suit your tastes.

Healthier cherry bakewell blondies Breakfast Grainfree snack


No bake double chocolate coconut donuts

Great for those hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the oven and make the kitchen even hotter!!
These no bake donuts are a great combo of rich, dark cacao plus coconut and dates for natural sweetness so they’re not loaded with refined sugars.

No bake double chocolate coconut donuts Desserts energy balls snack vegan

Free from donut goodness!

This recipe is also easy to adapt i.e. use gluten free oats for coeliac and a dark choc that’s dairy free etc plus it’s free from refined sugars and I added a superfood blend by VeganTek which has lots of fantastic ingredients in it including ones good for digestion and probiotics which are even more effective because the mix doesn’t need to be heated.
You can even use one after a workout as a refueling treat or a way to satisfy your chocolatey cravings in a more nutritious way!

No bake double chocolate coconut donuts Desserts energy balls snack vegan


Grain free, carrot cake banana bread

A healthier, grain free, sugar free but not taste free carrot cake banana bread!
Because this uses non grain based ingredients it’s also gluten free and can be made vegan too, see notes below.

Gut friendly carrot cake loaf

I used a single ripe banana in this recipe for natural sweetness and moisture plus it also means you don’t need any sugar but as usual you can adapt this to suit your own tastes. I’ve also included some optional additions that are great ingredients to add if you would like to increase gut health. For example, collagen is high in amino acids which are heavily involved in gut cell lining replication and baobab/tigernut flour are prebiotic foods, plus the more you diversify your diet the more diverse your gut will also be.

Grain free, carrot cake banana bread Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan