Plant based chocolate cream cheese

A healthy, creamy, dairy free chocolate cream “cheeze” spread, very similar in taste to the choc version Philadelphia came out with a few years ago.
So creamy and feels like a treat on your bread especially when paired with fresh berries.

I also made this healthier by using a choc superfood blend which adds flavour, goodness and sweetness without any nasties or sugar. I highly recommend checking them out (see link below) and getting the pack of 10 sachets if you want to try it out a few times before getting a bigger bag.

Plant based chocolate cream cheese Breakfast snack vegan


Healthier high fiber gingerbread cookies

Healthier gingerbread cookies coming at you!

These are gingerbread cookies but not as you know it, they’re higher in fiber with a bit of vegan protein in there too meaning they’ll keep you fuller longer and won’t crash your energy levels. Plus, the spices are a great anti-inflammatory for the body so these little bites are better for you than store bought ones.

Healthier high fiber gingerbread cookies Desserts snack vegan



Savoury Mediterranean scones

Savory, sugar free, Mediterranean scones, these beauties are great for an afternoon tea gathering especially if someone prefers savory over sweet.
These scones are filled with salty olives, sweet sun dried tomatoes, tangy feta and lovely fragrant herbs, plus the lemon zest really lifts up the flavour and cuts through the richness of the other ingredients, I highly recommend adding this in.

Savoury Mediterranean scones Breakfast Dinner Lunch snack


Savory courgette bites with vegan garlic cream “cheeze”

These courgette bites are great for travelling with or a lighter lunch or snack option for those who prefer something savory.
Each time I made these i was pleasantly surprised at how soft & moist they are, this is due to the grated courgette which when baked releases water which is absorbed by the flour to keep it soft.

Savory courgette bites with vegan garlic cream "cheeze" Lunch snack vegan

Pair these with my plant based cream “cheeze” spread and it’s lovely, the match between onion and sweet tomato puree with the creamy, garlic spread is so tasty and takes these bites to the next level.
As this recipe only makes a few of them you can double it if you want a bigger batch to last you longer through the week.

Savory courgette bites with vegan garlic cream "cheeze" Lunch snack vegan (more…)

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts

It’s coming up to my favourite time of year which is Halloween and pumpkin season. I absolutely love baking with pumpkin and eating the results!
I’m also a healthy snack fiend, I love a treat that also nourishes the body which is what I focused on when creating this recipe. So why not make your Halloween this year that bit more nourishing with this creation and use up any spare pumpkin pulp so that it doesn’t go to waste. Oh and it’s not jam packed with refined sugar meaning no energy spikes & dips.

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts Desserts snack vegan


Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans

These bars are very handy for quick mornings or a gut friendly snack, you can bake them the day before and have these ready to go for the next few days. They’re packed with fibre and antioxidants and even have some sneaky beans in there too for the win!

Berry bar benefits

I really like these with some citrusy, tangy baobab, some plant yogurt and stewed berries. You can pack all of this into a tupperware dish to take with you to work if needed. I also like that I’m getting beans in which adds some protein without using protein powders and helps keep you full longer.
Another bonus is that they’re full of gut friendly ingredients including: chickpeas/white beans, baobab (prebiotic), oats, polyphenol packed berries and probiotic plant yogurt. A breakfast/snack that ALSO feeds your gut too! Yeah that’s my type of food =)

Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans Breakfast Desserts snack vegan