Breakfast carrot cake bars made using natural, nourishing ingredients that will keep you full up til lunchtime. This can also be edited to make them suit whatever tastes you like i.e. more sweet, add fruit of choice etc and are great for portable breakfastsĀ  plus they’ll last you a few mornings.

The recipe can be adapted to meet vegan/gluten free/ sugar free diets as necessary and are a good way of sneaking fruit & veg into people. It’s also optional but I used protein powder instead of standard flour because it balances out the macros a little more meaning they’re a good option post-workout too.

Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars Breakfast snack vegan


Recipe (makes 6 big bars)
-75g fine oats
-75g vanilla pea protein (can sub wholemeal flour but increase sweetness slightly)
-1 generous Tbsp desiccated coconut
-2 small grated carrots
-1 red apple (skin on)
-15g coconut sugar (increase if not using protein)
-2 eggs, sub chia egg for vegan
-60g dried apricots/raisins etc soaked for 1 hour
-100ml water
-1 tsp cinnamon
-3/4 tsp ginger
-handful pecans/walnuts (preferably soaked for 2 hours so they dont dry out when baking)
-1/2 tsp baking powder
optional: 1 Tbsp runny nut butter or 1/2 Tbsp oil

Topping options
-greek style/coconut yogurt mixed with protein powder/stevia/honey etc
-or drizzle of nut butter or melted buttery spread

Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars Breakfast snack vegan

Start by soaking your nuts & dried fruit as they dry out more when baking if you don’t, if using vegan chia egg then make this and set aside to thicken
Mix the dry ingredients together, make a hole in the center of bowl and whisk eggs, then blend the apple and water together and pour into the dry mix, next add grated carrot, chopped fruit and nuts etc and mix
Pre-heat the oven to 160c fan, while this heats up just leave your mix to set and thicken
When ready, spoon the mix onto a lined tray and bake for around 17-20 mins, ovens will vary (mine cooks fast!).
Once cooled top with whatever you choose and store in air tight containers in the fridge, bring to room temp before eating if you’ve time as that’s how they taste best
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