Barbie icing?! Well what else could I call it?

I absolutely love this icing but especially the colour and I first made it just after the Barbie movie came out so it seemed like a logical name.

The colour is all natural and comes from blackberry juice, I also used a sugar free alternative to icing sugar (that you can find in Tesco) in order to make this refined sugar free but still fun so you don’t miss out on anything!

Easy blackberry Barbie icing Desserts snack vegan

Make a basic donut recipe that produces about 5 donuts
Heat a small handful of frozen blackberries in a pot slowly or thaw frozen ones for a few hours until soft
Add 2/3 generous tablespoons of icing sugar (or sugar free alternative, see notes below) in a bowl then put a sieve over the bowl and add the berries & push through the juice so that the seeds are left behind but the juice mixes with the icing sugar then simply mix together, thicken as needed with more icing sugar.
I sometimes add some baobab powder for more flavour as this works well with blackberries & can thicken the icing if needed
Now dunk in your donuts or whatever else you want to decorate.

I used Purevia icing sugar alternative (find in Tesco) which can take a little more liquid than regular icing sugar so if you use normal stuff then you only need the juice of about 4/5 berries.
If you set the icing in the fridge for a few mins it’ll thicken slightly too

Easy blackberry Barbie icing Desserts snack vegan

Do let me know what you think & what you used it on!?