This savoury pancake recipe is packed full of veg and fibre plus is great for a quick cook meal any time of the day, double up the recipe to make seconds for the next days lunch. It’s so versatile as well because you can serve it with your favourite dressing or sauce and use up any spare salad that’s lying around your fridge too.

Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Grain free high fibre chickpea flour-where you find it?
I use chickpea/besan flour (made from baby chickpeas or split lentils) which is super cheap and can be found in large Asda or Tescos, find it in the aisle where you get canned coconut milk. It’s a great way to ramp up your fibre but do remember it is different from usual flours so will have a more dense texture to it but it’s not a big problem in savoury recipes.

These are so easy to adapt to any tastes, e.g. you can leave out the spice mix and instead serve it with some pesto or guacamole or even top them with some homemade baked beans. Alter the spices as you need to suit your chosen toppings.

Cajun carrot chickpea pancakes (serves 1)
-80g chickpea AKA gram/besan flour
-55 to 60g carrot, grated
-1 tsp cajun spice mix
-80ml water
-pinch of baking powder +splash apple cider/balsamic vinegar
Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Tip: In order to digest this bean based flour better it’s best to soak it for a few hours if possible then add the rest of ingredients before cooking, see below.
1) Mix together the flour vinegar and water then preferably leave this to sit for a few hours, when you’re ready to cook it add the rest of the ingredients and mix well
2) Heat a frying pan on a medium heat with some oil then spoon the mix into the pan shaping into large circles, flatten slightly if needed, cook for 2-3 minutes until light golden brown then flip and cook until golden
3) Serve with choice of dressing, I like a mix of harissa paste with yogurt of choice and some salad greens to really amp up the veg intake!