This super easy and quick plant based pasta dish is a midweek dinner winner!
*Can be 2/5 day depending on the type of pasta you choose
*Can be made in under 10mins
*Full of fibre and nutrition
*Easily tailored to suit gluten or grain free diets

Quick & easy tomato hummus pasta Dinner Lunch vegan

This is so easy to throw together and the ingredients can be bought from your local supermarket and cooked quite fast after a long days work. It’s also a great way to use up any spare hummus or toms you might have hanging around your fridge (although I adore hummus so I never have any to spare!).

Recipe (serves 1)
75g pasta (I like buckwheat or lentil)
7-8 baby tomatoes
approx 70g hummus (skip the low fat stuff it tastes awful)
optional: sprinkling of nutritional yeast or finely chopped fresh basil leaves

Cook the pasta according to the pack instructions but leave 3-4 mins before the end to pop in the toms to let them soften and warm through or you can leave them raw, it’s up to you.
Once cooked, simply drain then stir through the hummus, top with whatever you like and enjoy!
Tip: If using brown rice pasta, make sure to cook it in excess water and then rinse well when draining as this helps reduce some of the arsenic in this particular grain