When the holidays are over and the feasts have been had, many people will enter the new year with the intention to “detox” from all the festive food and drink, this can sometimes be dangerous and often misleading information out there makes matters worse.
As a young woman I often see other girls doing such things as this and it really scares me that this is what is believed to be “healthy” and “pretty”.
Many of these myths have been debunked already by a variety of professionals yet I still come across people who have not heard this information, so I will do my best to summarise a few of them here however, I do encourage everyone to also do your own research as it will empower you to make more informed choices in the future.

Perceived Feeling of Detox- my do’s & don’ts Advice Health Uncategorized


Detoxing does notmean:
·        Taking supplements/food/tea to induce the runs!
·        Starving yourself with only liquid veggie juices for weeks on end
Your body is really amazing and can quite sufficiently detox you just fine and does so every day, therefore if you want to give it a helping hand, you can do so and quite safely by being a bit more conscious about what you consume. Here are a few simple examples:


*Eat clean food– only buy the product if it has ingredients in it that you recognise as food & preferably a very short ingredient list meaning there’s less chance it contains nasties

*Increase your use of herbs and spices– turmeric, ginger, garlic, chilli, cinnamon and many others really help to amp up your metabolism, are anti-inflammatory and help control blood sugar levels (and these are just some of the things they can do!)

*Feed your body nutritious food– look for natural plant based ingredients that have bright colours and lovely smells to them as they often contain the most beneficial compounds. Getting lots of fibre is also great as it keeps everything moving along instead of building up where it shouldn’t

Perceived Feeling of Detox- my do’s & don’ts Advice Health Uncategorized
My summer rainbow salad
Perceived Feeling of Detox- my do’s & don’ts Advice Health Uncategorized
I love to use these in my dishes
*Exercise/twist/stretch– whatever your chosen fitness routine or habit is then do that a little bit more to get your body back into the flow of things and your energy levels up

*Look after your liver & kidneys– these organs detox your body every single day therefore you need to look after them and a great way to do this is to consume food which promotes their function e.g your liver loves beetroot, dark greens (spinach, kale, broccoli etc), healthy fats (salmon, nuts, seeds etc), spices, milk thistle, green tea and dandelion tea**. These teas along with plenty of water are also great for the kidneys and their functioning too.
**Dandelion tea is great for water retention but if you’re on diuretics already then speak to your doctor first.

Much love xX