So you may have heard of kimchi before and how it can benefit your gut, you may have considered buying or already have got a jar of it in your kitchen but are wondering what on earth to do with it?!

5 easy ways with kimchi Advice Dinner Lunch vegan

What is it?

Firstly, for those who may not be too familiar with it, kimchi is a spicy, fermented mix of veg usually cabbage, carrot, raddish etc which comes from Korea and has a heat and pickled taste to it. As it’s fermented it’s high in probiotic bacteria, the best way to maximise on this is to source a good quality one that hasn’t been pasterised although even the type that has gone through this process and therefore is stored at room temp will still have benefits.


There are many ways to use kimchi, it’s so versatile and because it doesn’t require any cooking or prep it’s pretty easy to incorporate into food, but here are my top and favourite ways to consume it:

1) In a burger/veggie burger
People often look toward sauces for adding flavour to burger but a great way to add more veg and fiber to this meal is by adding a handful of kimchi, it gives lots of spice and tang, think about the traditional sauerkraut on hotdogs type of thing! For this recipe I used “Yumchi kimchi” which you can get in Planet organic/Wholefoods and on Amazon.

5 easy ways with kimchi Advice Dinner Lunch vegan

2) In a stirfry
You already add things like ginger and chilli to stirfries which is why something like kimchi is a perfect fit here, it has the same flavours and is a way of fitting in veg without having to chop any, just add some at the end of cooking and mix through, eh voila!

5 easy ways with kimchi Advice Dinner Lunch vegan
3) With classic avocado on toast
Who doesn’t love avo on toast?! Instead of adding some poached eggs on top, next time why not throw on some kimchi, you get another source of nutrition plus it’s a great option for when you’re out of eggs but need to use up that avo!

4) In a Buddha bowl/salad
Again, so easy to do and such a fuss free addition to a salad, it helps with flavour when you mix it through and is a great low carb option to add in which also has a host of benefits too!

5 easy ways with kimchi Advice Dinner Lunch vegan

5) Kimchi grilled cheese sourdough sambo/quesadillas!
Power up your next grilled cheese sandwhich or batch of quesadillas with a kicking kimchi addition, kimchi goes so well with cheese (trust me) and is a perfect fit in between crusty sourdough and tangy mature cheddar, maybe even add in some onion for more prebiotic benefit, who says you can’t have healthy, indulgent food?

5 easy ways with kimchi Advice Dinner Lunch vegan