Healthier Oreo style vegan pancakes

Believe it or not these really are filled with healthy ingredients, nutrition and are a great “treat yourself” morning breakfast, for a different breakfast if you’re getting bored or as a reward just because you deserve it!

These are plant based, no egg, no banana either (because nearly every vegan pancake recipe I see requires a banana but you don’t always have a ripe one ready to use!), they have lots of fiber and a little hemp protein in there too for macronutrient balance plus I used some applesauce in the wet ingredients to add nutrition. Who knew healthy could taste so good?


Healthi”er” Oreo pancakes

Now I did make this version a little naughty by topping them with one Gato cookie which is their plant based, healthier version of an Oreo, I won a pack of their new recipe range so decided to put it to good use. While I don’t recommend consuming cookies on a daily basis I do believe treats are a healthy part of a balanced diet and healthy relationship with food, plus these cookies are way better in terms of ingredients when compared to the original.
This brand has ingredients like flax, oats, chicory, buckwheat etc which are great sources of fiber for the gut. The more variety of fiber & foods that you can get into your diet, the better and I know some people won’t get ingredients like this elsewhere!
They’re also gluten free, use coconut oil instead of palm oil (more sustainable) and a single cookie is double the size of a regular Oreo but is still nearly the same amount of sugar (just 5g). This is optional because it was a prize but you don’t need to have them to make this recipe, it’s still great on it’s own with the chocolatey pancakes layered with creamy coconut yogurt, a healthy but still indulgent breakfast!


Now onto the second ingredient which I used to boost this recipe in terms of goodness and health promoting indulgence and that’s the VeganTek superfood blend (see below link for discount) which is a sugar free, chocolate shake blend that’s filled with lots of ingredients that support the bodies functioning and adds flavour plus natural sweetness (via xylitol & stevia) to this pancake recipe. See notes below on the subs in the recipe.
If you want to try this blend for yourself which I highly recommend, especially for picky eaters as this is a great recipe to sneak in the goodness then check out my article on it which explains more about it and has a code which will give you a discount off it.


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VeganTek superfoods blend review

Recently I got to try a new superfoods blend product and I loved it so much that I really want to share it with others and support a brand that genuinely cares for its product & customers (see more below).

Firstly, some quick bits of info about what the blend is/contains:
-a mix of superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics & herbs for better health
-contains foods/ingredients that support the body’s own detox pathways plus helps with optimal digestion, alkalizing the body and supports energy levels
-free from gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, pesticides, herbicides & tested for heavy metals
-uses cocoa powder and natural plant derived xylitol & stevia for a sugar free chocolate flavour that’s kind to teeth



Using Vegantek superfoods blend

You can use this blend for anything you like, for example, add it to water or milk of choice for a quick shake, or blend with fruit for a healthy smoothie, add a scoop or two to your baking or oatmeal. Plus because the blend tastes so good I’ve found that for single serving recipes you don’t need to add any extra sweetness.
You can use it to help promote better health whether it’s through simply increasing the amount of good stuff going into your body, or to improve digestion meaning you’re better absorbing your food. You can also use it to make healthier/calorie controlled/low sugar recipes meaning you can loose weight easier. Plus when you sneak some scoops into baked goods you can get the goodness into kids too which includes greens that they may not otherwise touch!

Note: this is NOT your average detox tea or drink that just basically acts as a laxative which makes most people believe they’re detoxing but actually aren’t (it’s just water weight they’ve lost). The greens and herbs in this blend are natural liver and kidney supporters which enable your body to do it’s job better which is to get rid of the rubbish, if you combine this with a good diet it becomes even better because then your body doesn’t have to prioritize getting rid of toxins first before it can then focus on normal tasks/healing.



As I mentioned at the start, I’ve become more passionate about this product the more I learnt what went into it and how it was carefully designed. This brand has been very meticulous about how and where the ingredients were sourced and they’ve all the certificates to prove it (check out their site).
This is highly important and means it’s a level above many other brands because you aren’t getting any chemicals or added toxins in it that would negate the benefits of the blend. I have personally read studies on certain brands from America (now available in the UK) that weren’t sourced well and therefore scored very high for levels of heavy metals and pesticides etc. A superfood is NO good to anyone if it’s covered in a chemical which brings you negative side effects/cancels out the benefits of it.

Upon initial glance, it may seem like its more expensive than similar brands but when you really consider the quality and amount (it’s 1kg, most products are 500g) plus the sheer number of superfoods in it, it’s definitely worth it’s price.
Head to to check out their products, read some helpful articles and purchase their blend, you can also get a discount by using code: DONTFRIG

Keep an eye on my social media as I’ve been using this blend so much recently that I’ll be sharing some recipes soon to help people understand how they can use it to make healthier, more nourishing meal choices.

Although I’m now an ambassador of this product all opinions expressed here are my own and I never recommend products that I wouldn’t personally use myself.

Berry matcha pistachio milk porridge

This recipe is quite a unique one as it uses the UK’s first ever pistachio milk along with juicy berries and antioxidant packed matcha to provide a tonne of goodness!


Pistachio products

Borna’s pistachio products are quite unique as they’re the first brand in the UK to produce non dairy milks from pistachios, it’s also rare to find pistachio butter or snacks like the rest of their range.
Pistachios have a huge number of benefits (see more below) but this range is especially suitable for those on a diet free from animal products as their milks are fortified with vitamin B12 and calcium which are often hard to get from plant based products.


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