Healthier homemade afternoon tea bakes

With everyone being in lock down atm, most of us are missing our meet ups with friends or family and having a catch-up over a cup of tea and sweet treat. As some people are making their own baked goods and then having a virtual tea party over Zoom and are also looking for healthier snacks while they work from home I decided to put together this mix of healthier tea party & snack options

Why not up your snack game to make it a bit healthier using nourishing ingredients and expand your recipe repertoire.

  1. Healthier, wholemeal scones, these are two of my own recipes which have gone down a storm with my family
    blueberry lemonBlog
    Orange, dark choc & strawberryBlog
  2.  Peanut butter hummus (for people with more of a savoury palate) from @eatnourishlove
    This would also be a great dip for apple slicesBlog
  3. Spiced fruit & nut biscotti-normally i make these around Christmas time but they’re great all year round and you can adapt the fruit and flavour to suit your tastesBlog
  4. Sneaky veg blog has some great veg/fruit based bakes, these fruit based, refined sugar free flapjacks are an easy afternoon treat to whip upBlog
  5. Another great option which is also vegan from sneaky veg blog are these blueberry banana muffins
    I’d recommend using half wholemeal flour as suggested in the recipe in order to get more fibre in there!Blog
  6. Power hungry Camilla’s almond sponge cake which uses ground almonds and starch to make it means it’s flourless but also gluten free and would go so well with some fresh Summer strawberries and a dusting of baobab powder if you have it
  7. I love these easy wholefoods oat based cookies from Amy’s healthy baking, you could also sub half the raisins for dark choc chips and I would recommend if you have it that you could sub some flour for flavoured pea protein to balance out the macros a little more and then reduce the maple slightly.Blog

Real bread bakers documentary

If you’ve seen my blog before then you’ll know I’m a fan of real food and that includes bread.
Making real bread from scratch has begun to make a comeback; more and more people are starting to appreciate the handmade, locally produced products that are now being made.

Documenting real bread bakers

This documentary (see link at bottom), “Real bread bakers” highlights exactly why it’s so important and the benefits of supporting these creators rather than buying the heavily processed stuff in the supermarket, some of which are claiming to be sourdough but aren’t actually the real thing.


“Real bread bakers” follows people who are baking incredible breads, it gives behind the scenes insights into real bakers lives and tells their story as well as how this brings them a livelihood plus a sense of community.
It also gives you a brief history of the baking world from the original sourdoughs which then became disregarded because the mass produced stuff didn’t have the sour tang which made people believe that the authentic stuff had something wrong with it, when the opposite is true! We now know how much better the sour, fermented breads are for us, showing that we’ve now done the full circle and come back to appreciating the original stuff.

Quality bread

Some of the producers in this film even make breads for Michelin starred chefs which shows the uniqueness and high quality that can be achieved from bakers, this also in my mind shows just how wonderful making your own breads can be as you can develop and experiment with your favourite flavours.

The real bread revolution is definitely making a name for itself again but support is still needed. In order for these products to be readily available we need to support the people behind them, this means buying local quality stuff which remember, is also more nutritious for you too. It can also include advertising that hard work or quality produce with friends and family to spread the word about it and that way, people know where to purchase these options rather than just from the supermarket.


Please, give this documentary a watch, they ask for a small donation of just £2.30, part of the proceeds will go to the bread charity to support their work and if you feel you would like to support more, you can donate a larger sum, but that’s totally voluntary.
Click the link below to watch more and support this worthy cause.

Spiced chocolate goji berry workout scones

Yes, you read that right!
Scones that are healthy enough and nicely balanced in macro nutrients to have after a workout, what more could you want?!


Flourless workout scones

These scones are also flourless as I’ve created these during the Covid-19 lockdown and I know many people are struggling to find flour so by using oats and grinding them into a flour (easily done in any blender/food processor) they are more accessible than standard scone flour recipes and contain more fibre than white flour versions.
Vegan protein powder can be found in many places including Boots, superdrug, Holland & Barrett, large supermarkets, Amazon or online through your favourite brands site.


read more…

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