Cookie crumble protein cups

So this recipe is exactly what it says on the tin. Protein powder (plant version) mixed with crumbled up cookie/biscuit and shaped in a cupcake tin then topped with chocolate.
You can adapt this with whatever you like, some suggestions I got on my insta stories were raisins or popping a berry in the middle or on top etc.

Cookie crumble protein cups snack vegan


Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars

Breakfast carrot cake bars made using natural, nourishing ingredients that will keep you full up til lunchtime. This can also be edited to make them suit whatever tastes you like i.e. more sweet, add fruit of choice etc and are great for portable breakfasts  plus they’ll last you a few mornings.

The recipe can be adapted to meet vegan/gluten free/ sugar free diets as necessary and are a good way of sneaking fruit & veg into people. It’s also optional but I used protein powder instead of standard flour because it balances out the macros a little more meaning they’re a good option post-workout too.

Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars Breakfast snack vegan



Marvelous matcha re-energising donut rings

Donuts that will energise you and not leave you feeling sluggish after a sugar trip? Yes please!

These donuts were ones that I really wanted to contain matcha as it’s a great ingredient but most people don’t know how to consume it except for a drink in the morning. So i wanted to highlight how you can bake with it and get the benefits of an energising, antioxidant packed snack through baking.

Marvelous matcha re-energising donut rings Desserts snack vegan


Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars

Oaty, coconut dark choc chip bars or blondies, whichever way you want to think of them, they’re lovely and go perfectly with a nice cup of tea. They’re also free from lots of allergens so suitable for many diets and refined sugar free.
Bonus? These are so easy to make, just 1 bowl needed and with ingredients you can easily now find in all supermarkets even the coconut sugar which I’ve spotted in Lidl!

Easy oat and coconut chocolate chip bars Desserts snack vegan (more…)

Hot cross scones

These hot cross scones are filled with flavours of hot cross buns like orange, fruit, spices etc and can be low sugar/ refined sugar free (if you choose RSF choc) plus use higher fiber, more nutritious ingredients. They can be made dairy free/vegan friendly with simple adjustments too, so no need for anyone to miss out. They also use a bit of dried fruit so have some goodness in there for the kids and are a good, easy baking option for them to help out with in the kitchen to keep them busy for a few minute!

These are best served warm but as you need to add the choc crosses they’ll need to be cool enough but you can always gently reheat them before you consume them.

Hot cross scones Breakfast snack vegan