Bountiful Baobab Balls

Bountiful Baobab Balls energy balls Grainfree Health snack vegan
I love baobab (pronounced bay-oh-bab) and after reading about the #MakeBaobabFamous attempt, I really wanted to promote it so that African families can get a better income.
Incase you don’t know what baobab is I’ll briefly describe it here.
Baobab is a powdered fruit that grows in Africa which tastes sweet and citrusy. Personally I find it so versatile as I can use it in porridge or smoothies and one of my favourites is mixing it with coconut oil and lemon juice to make a lovely citrusy baobab frostingThe biggest nutritional punch in this fruit is the Vitamin C and antioxidant capacity mainly found in the pulp. Per 10g of baobab (depending on the brand/batch) it has approx. 28-37% of your RDI of vitamin C!! The leaves and other parts of the fruit contain other nutrients eg. magnesium and calcium but it is mainly the pulp that forms most powders. also think it’s a great ingredient that adds depth of flavour to food and increases diet variety, so I encourage anyone to consider consuming organic baobab powder & not to be afraid of it because of its funny name. Remember, the more we demand good, natural products from companies the more the supply will have to increase, making it easier in the future for healthy products to be more readily available, plus you’ll be helping African families get a better income.