A taste of Mexico with the chilli, lime and yes even chocolatey flavour from the cacao which they actually add to chilli stews in Mexico!
One difference from most energy balls is that I used dried apricots and gojis in this recipe rather than dates & I think I’ve discovered my new fav snack as the apricots are delicious, plus they’re lower in sugar than dates (as are the gojis).
Sooooo many good ingredients are included in these balls and they taste awesome which is why they’re going to be a regular in my kitchen, plus no one else in my family likes spicy food so there’s no risk of them being eaten with the “cat” getting the blame!

Great for when you have the cold as the chilli in these will certainly clear your sinuses and the vitamin C content will keep your immune system in top shape.


Body boosting mexican bliss balls! Breakfast Desserts energy balls Lunch snack vegan
Spicy chocolate mexican bliss balls- so nutritious!

Ingredient boosting benefits
Cacao– contains chromium, magnesium & antioxidants
Chilli– contains capsaicin which is what makes you sweat but also revs your metabolism slightly & is thermogenic which means uses energy to heat you up i.e helps your metabolism by giving it a little boost
Coconut oil– unique MCT fats and when combined with chilli it can help metabolism/thermogenesis (see here for more info)
Oats & nuts– full of fibre & protein which reduce hunger and release energy slowly
Hemp powder– provides anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats and protein
Limes & baobab (if using it for rolling)- Provides Vit C
Apricots– source of potassium, iron and vitamin A
Gojis– contain unique polysaccharides that aid immune function
Body boosting mexican bliss balls! Breakfast Desserts energy balls Lunch snack vegan You can leave these as they are or roll them in other ingredients, if you can’t handle more heat then use coconut or baobab (this gives a citrusy taste) or if you want more heat then choose chilli flakes or pistachios/pumpkin seeds are also good options.
Recipe- makes 12 balls
-100g dried apricots (try to get unsulphured ones)
-60g goji berries
-zest 2 limes & juice 1 lime
-1 Tbspn softened coconut oil
-15g cacao powder
-1/2 tspn cayenne pepper
-40g oats
-40g ground almonds
-25g hemp protein powder (or your favourite one)*
-pistachios/chilli flakes/coconut/baobab for rolling
Optional: ½ tspn matcha (powdered green tea)
*Note: different protein powders will absorb different amounts of liquid so if you use another type then you may need to add a bit more to achieve the right consistency so that the balls hold together
Body boosting mexican bliss balls! Breakfast Desserts energy balls Lunch snack vegan
Soak apricots and gojis in lukewarm water for 10mins
Grind up the oats into a fine flour texture (and nuts/seeds if your almonds are whole to begin with and if using chopped seeds or nuts for rolling then set aside for later)
Mix together the oats, ground almonds, protein powder, cacao, chilli, lime zest and matcha if using
Drain the fruit, use some kitchen roll to damp off any excess water then add this to a food processor with the lime juice and coconut oil and process until smooth
Add in the dry ingredients and pulse until the mix is combined and forms a dough
Scoop out bits of the mix and roll together into balls then roll in whatever toppings you desire or leave as they are and place into an air tight container in the fridge to set.

These will last for a good 5-6 days if stored correctly.