Time to grab the day by the balls….breakfast balls that is!
All the usual ingredients that might go into porridge squished into balls for on the go, busy people who don’t have time to make breakfast, well these beauties can be made in 5mins the night before and taken with you on your work commute. No more feeling hungry going into work, hooray!
These are also perfect for when you need to get out the door for an early morning gym session & need refuelling after it, before work/your day ahead.
Breakfast balls Breakfast energy balls snack vegan
Goji berry, oat, nut butter breakfast balls

Feel free to switch up the ingredients e.g use some buckwheat/millet flakes in place of some oats etc but I feel this is pretty well balanced with the slow release fibre, good fats, protein and spice for flavour & balancing sugar levels.

Tip: I used wafer oats & the runny top part of my nut butter so if you want them to hold together well but don’t have ingredients in this form then I recommend you blitz the oats and seeds very quickly (around 3-4 seconds) in a processor first and maybe heat the nut butter slightly to make it runny/softer.
Breakfast balls Breakfast energy balls snack vegan


Breakfast balls Breakfast energy balls snack vegan
Quick, easy, nutritious breakfast energy balls
Recipe-Makes 12
-1 cup/90g wafer oats
-1/3 cup/35g sunflower seeds
-1/3 cup/35g goji berries (try to get organic, Sevenhills wholefoods are a reasonably priced brand)
-100g runny cashew butter (or other nut butter)
-1 tspn Ceylon cinnamon
-60ml/1/4 cup almond or regular milk
Breakfast balls Breakfast energy balls snack vegan
Mix all the dry the ingredients together in one bowl, then in a separate bowl mix the nut butter and milk together then stir this into the dry ingredients, give it a good mix then start scooping out generous teaspoon amounts & squish them together into balls.
Store in an airtight container preferably in the fridge when possible for up to 4 days.