Chunky monkey chocolate peanut butter protein balls

I used these loads during my training for the 5K zombie run. A great source of protein, fibre and a mix of good fats, especially if you use hemp protein as it has a good balance between omega 3 and 6 fats. Plus some tasty peanut butter and chocolatey goodness just for good measure!
Plus they’re sweetened with fresh banana rather than dates which I feel makes a nice change.
Chunky monkey chocolate peanut butter protein balls Breakfast Desserts energy balls Grainfree Lunch snack vegan


Figgy hazelnut choc balls

Less sugar than a recipe with dates as the apricots and figs naturally contain lower levels. The great combo of the chocolate cacao*, roasted hazelnuts and vanilla powder really finishes this recipe off perfectly, I mean who doesn’t like a chocolate & hazelnut pairing!?
*I like to use raw cacao powder in recipes like this as it is not over heated therefore you are getting the max amount of beneficial compounds and antioxidants.
Figgy hazelnut choc balls Breakfast Desserts energy balls Lunch snack vegan


Body boosting mexican bliss balls!

A taste of Mexico with the chilli, lime and yes even chocolatey flavour from the cacao which they actually add to chilli stews in Mexico!
One difference from most energy balls is that I used dried apricots and gojis in this recipe rather than dates & I think I’ve discovered my new fav snack as the apricots are delicious, plus they’re lower in sugar than dates (as are the gojis).
Sooooo many good ingredients are included in these balls and they taste awesome which is why they’re going to be a regular in my kitchen, plus no one else in my family likes spicy food so there’s no risk of them being eaten with the “cat” getting the blame!

Great for when you have the cold as the chilli in these will certainly clear your sinuses and the vitamin C content will keep your immune system in top shape.


Body boosting mexican bliss balls! Breakfast Desserts energy balls Lunch snack vegan
Spicy chocolate mexican bliss balls- so nutritious!


Breakfast balls

Time to grab the day by the balls….breakfast balls that is!
All the usual ingredients that might go into porridge squished into balls for on the go, busy people who don’t have time to make breakfast, well these beauties can be made in 5mins the night before and taken with you on your work commute. No more feeling hungry going into work, hooray!
These are also perfect for when you need to get out the door for an early morning gym session & need refuelling after it, before work/your day ahead.
Breakfast balls Breakfast energy balls snack vegan
Goji berry, oat, nut butter breakfast balls


High protein low carb omega cookie dough balls

This recipe was a happy accident resulting from me throwing a bunch of my favourite ingredients into a food processor and hoping for the best, luckily for me, they taste amazing, seriously, I’m not just saying that, I was really surprised by how good these tasted! The beans and nut butter make them creamy and the crunchy cacao nibs throughout give a cookie dough texture 💕

A major bonus is that they are the perfect pre/post workout snack and sooooo nutritious, there’s so much magnesium, fibre & protein in this recipe & is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats due to the chia & hemp.
Per dough ball: 6.6g protein

High protein low carb omega cookie dough balls Desserts energy balls Grainfree Lunch Popular snack vegan

Healthy protein cookie dough balls