Plant protein bounty overnight oats

This recipe is such a great mix of complex carbs, protein and healthy fats plus it’s sugar free. The coconut & berries contribute to your 5 a day and these along with the oats pack a decent fibre punch, combine this with the antioxidants from the dark choc/cacao and you’re all set with a super healthy, well balanced breakfast.

What’s even better is that you can have this made the night before and ready to go as a quick breakfast the next morning after a workout as a good way to refuel and re-nourish your body!

Plant protein bounty overnight oats Breakfast vegan


Low carb, high fibre bagels

Yes you heard that right!
Bagels that are low carb, grain free AND high in healthy fibre which keeps you full and satisfied, plus feeds a healthy gut microbiome. What more could you want?

Low carb, high fibre bagels Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Healthy can be yummy too
This is one of those recipes I’d love for people to try when they say that healthy food is too complicated or boring or bland.
Healthy food doesn’t have to equal deprivation. You can still have your favourite things, just made with more nourishing ingredients that feed your body better.

These can be served with anything you like and used at whichever meal of the day you prefer. I like to toast them and top with avocado and some spices or else with Violife plant based cheese spread and sun-dried tomatoes for a savoury breakfast.

Low carb, high fibre bagels Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch


Savoury grain free mug muffin rounds

This low carb, grain free “muffin” that can be made in a matter of minutes is a lifesaver for when you want a sub for bread or to bulk out a meal or even a quick breakfast.
It takes seconds to whip up and only a minute & a half in the microwave to cook, you can gather/make your filling while it cooks which makes it a great quick, easy, crap free meal option, suitable for even keto, paleo and grain free diets.


Savoury grain free mug muffin rounds Breakfast Grainfree Lunch

Once cooked, you can slice into rounds and serve whatever you like on top or use it as a substitute for bread for soups/spreads etc.
I like to have sauteed mushrooms and avocado with mine for a light dinner or savoury breakfast.

This is also a great reduced carb option for the colder weather as once the temperature drops, we tend to overdo the comforting carbs so this one will help balance out your meals on rest/less active days.

Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups

These taste and smell like pizza when they’re baking because of the combination of flavours I used, mainly the Italian herbs with the cheese and tomatoes but you can tailor these to suit your own flavours (see my optional add ins below). They’re also made with low carb almonds and coconut flour meaning they’re low carb/keto friendly and suitable for anyone who needs to watch their carb intake.

Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

great for a lunchbox

Courgette in this recipe might seem weird at first but trust me, it keeps these really moist and means you don’t have to go through a step of squeezing out the excess water and adds in extra nutritional goodness plus fibre. Because I use bun cases to cook these in, they also make handy lunchbox additions or quick on the go snacks.


Baked apple “notella” oats

What’s “notella” I hear you ask?
It’s not nutella, but tastes like it, only healthier and more nourishing.

Baked apple "notella" oats Breakfast vegan

I really like the combination of apple with hazelnuts so decided to use them together along with hazelnut milk to make some warm baked oats for breakfast.
I tried the new Innocent hazelnut milk and really liked the flavour but also how it doesn’t contain added sugar or lots of additives or emulsifiers like most plant milks do. Because of this reason the nut residue needs mixing up in the bottle so give it a quick shake before use.

By using this milk and some hazelnut butter along with chocolatey flavoured cacao powder this really does taste good and is like a healthy nutella flavoured breakfast but with way more nutrition and makes a change from regular porridge.

Baked apple "notella" oats Breakfast vegan


Carrot cake protein donuts

No added sugar
High protein
Healthy fats & spices
High fibre

Who doesn’t want some healthy, spiced, carrot cake pronuts (protein donuts)? I even have these for breakfast!
You can easily get pea protein in the shops/online the same goes for the donut moulds, I got mine on Amazon for just a couple of pounds so don’t be put off by this.
If you want to make good use of the donut mould then try my other donut recipe for blueberry lemon donuts

Carrot cake protein donuts Breakfast Desserts snack vegan

Secrets to staying on track
I love taking traditional recipes and making them healthy through using nourishing, wholefoods, meaning they’re crap free but still tasty, plus, I’m like a child who gets excited about dipping them in frosting, it makes me feel like I’m getting something fun.
Cooking recipes like this is one of my secrets to keeping me on track, which can be difficult for anyone with dietary restrictions. If I just eat the same stuff on repeat I’d feel like I was missing out and never getting the fun stuff that other people could indulge in like being able to buy baked goods from the shops etc so I cook food like this so that I can enjoy them too, all guilt free and without inducing stomach churning symptoms.