So the 25th March is national waffle day, hooray!!

I love a waffle and have really got very into them recently as they’re faster to make and don’t require flipping like pancakes which is always a plus.
I dabbled in some flourless/grain free recipes and came up with this one that also happens to be diet friendly and low carb, it can also be used for a savory theme with different toppings, so is very versatile.

Each waffle serving (no toppings) is roughly 141 calories with unsweetened almond milk and less than 5g carbs.

Low carb, grain free light waffles Breakfast Grainfree

Coconut flour types

I used a coconut flour (reduced fat kind) from Lidl which absorbs more than other flours and is different from regular coconut finely ground so make sure you’re using this brand or another one like Groovy foods from Tesco that binds well or else it won’t hold together. You’ll notice these brands have a fat content lower than 25g per 100g of product showing it’s the fat reduced kind.

Low carb, grain free light waffles Breakfast Grainfree

Recipe (serves 1)
1 whole medium egg
1 egg white
60ml (1/4 cup) almond or nut milk
2 Tbsp coconut flour, fat reduced kind (use measuring spoons)
1/4 tsp baking powder
fresh fruit
drizzle or syrup
optional: you can add 1 tsp of oil to the mix if you want it more moist or if you just use water rather than a milk
optional: 1 scoop collagen for gut/skin health or any other boosters you like

Simply mix everything together and set aside for 5mins to thicken and heat your waffle maker. Lightly oil your waffle machine if needed then spoon in your mix and cook until done then add toppings.
Let me know what toppings you went with by tagging me on social media! x