Note: This is my own personal view & not for those who have medical/belief related eating styles
I love my food, I like to eat good, proper, natural food but I wouldn’t say that I’m restricted to a specific eating style/diet/plan. I take enjoyment from all food (I eat bread, pasta, dairy, butter, eggs, meat, gluten and chocolate, but I also love green smoothies, veggie burgers and porridge, I genuinely do!) and so I would refer to myself as a flexible foodie. What I love about this is that I can dip into different styles of eating at any time which makes me more creative/inspired and able to use ingredients in new ways or a food that I wouldn’t otherwise eat. Plus I now know that wholegrain, vegan, gluten free food etc doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard.
Furthermore, it allows me to enjoy food with people who need a specific diet & means I know how to accommodate friends with dietary needs when they come over.
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The way I eat changes from week to week as sometimes certain foods serve me better at times than others e.g my diet might be higher in carbs or protein at one point as I’ll be exercising a lot more or trying to tone. Overall, I’ve found that what’s best for my body is clean, wholesome food, so I don’t restrict myself which provides me with the benefit of not getting bored & unlikely to return to my old ways (cereal bar fiend) as there’s just so much to choose from and enjoy. Ever since I started eating right by listening to what my body needs, my relationship with food has never been better!

Personally, I feel that as long as you’re listening to your body and that your food is good quality and as unprocessed/natural as can be then you’re making the right choice.

Flexible foodie with benefits! Advice Health Uncategorized
Random selection of food from my cupboard including bread & pasta!
My focus is to do the best by my body and listen to what it needs, so if this means I need carbs then I’ll have carbs, whether I choose it in the form of my homemade scones or a bowl of oats is up to what I want that day. The same goes for when I feel more sluggish or if my digestive issues are playing up, then I usually feel that the best thing for me is a soothing, easy to digest smoothie.
Flexible foodie with benefits! Advice Health Uncategorized
My “better for you” blueberry & lemon scones
I have tried the gluten and dairy free diets for my digestive woes, but it didn’t work, what seems to work for my body is eating unprocessed, wholesome foods, so that’s what I do. Sticking to this 90% of the time (not 100% because I’m only human) is tough enough without adding more restrictions, so if you don’t need to restrict yourself then I feel being a flexible foodie and enjoying its benefits e.g a bit of bread now and then, is much more enjoyable than following a restricted diet that you really don’t want to be on just because your friend is doing it or because it’s the latest one to appear in a magazine.

Flexible foodie with benefits! Advice Health Uncategorized
My mini choc fondu with berries

Furthermore, I feel it’s better to eat wholegrain spelt or rye flour that has gluten in it to make a homemade pizza base rather than using a shop bought gluten free version that is full of chemicals & refined flour, especially if you’ve not allergy to gluten!
For most people I think being flexible is better than secret eating a bit of cheese or a croissant while hiding in the cupboard hoping no one sees you because you’ve labelled yourself as “this” or “that”.

Let me know how you keep it flexible & how it serves you.
Be good to yourselves xx