Easy banana protein oat cookies

Sometimes you just want a snack to tide you over in between meals or maybe just something small with a bit of fruit for those of you who don’t have a huge appetite at breakfast but want to get more goodness into your day. Then these are a great way to do that, plus, no added sugar!

Easy banana protein oat cookies Breakfast snack vegan

I used a plant protein here to balance out the carbs but it also makes a good post exercise snack until you can get home/to work to make a proper breakfast. These cookies are also pretty flexible in terms of adding different ingredients to make them taste they way you want. I like coconut and berries as I used a white choc coconut flavour protein but you can do whatever you like such as spices e,g cinnamon/ginger or some chopped dark chocolate!


Easy chocolate pumpkin bread

Chocolate flavored pumpkin bread, great with some nut butter and filled with goodness from the pumpkin and banana.
I used wholemeal flour for more fiber and the antioxidants in the cacao, the vitamin E in almonds and plant based vitamin A from the pumpkin make this one good for the skin too, woo!

Easy chocolate pumpkin bread Breakfast snack vegan

Free from pumpkin bread

You can make this sugar free by swapping the coconut sugar with a granular alternative plus by using a gluten free flour this is also suitable for GF and vegan diets.
I like to lightly heat or toast the slices and serve them with some nut butter or you can use a spread of choice and add some more if desired to really amp up the nutrition.

Easy chocolate pumpkin bread Breakfast snack vegan


Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars

Breakfast carrot cake bars made using natural, nourishing ingredients that will keep you full up til lunchtime. This can also be edited to make them suit whatever tastes you like i.e. more sweet, add fruit of choice etc and are great for portable breakfasts  plus they’ll last you a few mornings.

The recipe can be adapted to meet vegan/gluten free/ sugar free diets as necessary and are a good way of sneaking fruit & veg into people. It’s also optional but I used protein powder instead of standard flour because it balances out the macros a little more meaning they’re a good option post-workout too.

Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars Breakfast snack vegan



Banana & Beet smoothie porridge

I love my porridge and I’m always looking for new recipes to jazz it up, recently I’ve also been trying to use beetroot more as I know how good it is for me but I rarely use it. Then one morning this little idea popped into my head and I’m so glad it did & the colour looks amazing! Plus you don’t need to worry about the beetroot taste as the banana covers it completely, as one of my friends use to say “when you put banana into anything, it always tastes of banana & nothing else”.

Benefits of banana beetroot porridge: 
Great for pre workout as the beets help blood vessels dilate meaning more oxygen gets to the muscles so they fatigue less easily, also the banana and beets are full of natural slow releasing sugars and the fibre from the oats help energy levels too!

Banana & Beet smoothie porridge Breakfast vegan