I love my porridge and I’m always looking for new recipes to jazz it up, recently I’ve also been trying to use beetroot more as I know how good it is for me but I rarely use it. Then one morning this little idea popped into my head and I’m so glad it did & the colour looks amazing! Plus you don’t need to worry about the beetroot taste as the banana covers it completely, as one of my friends use to say “when you put banana into anything, it always tastes of banana & nothing else”.

Benefits of banana beetroot porridge: 
Great for pre workout as the beets help blood vessels dilate meaning more oxygen gets to the muscles so they fatigue less easily, also the banana and beets are full of natural slow releasing sugars and the fibre from the oats help energy levels too!

Banana & Beet smoothie porridge Breakfast vegan

Recipe (serves 1):
*50g oats
* 120ml almond milk (more if you like it runnier)
*1 medium ripe banana
*1 small beetroot (I prefer the vac pac cooked ones but grated raw will also do)
*1/2 Tbspn coconut oil for creaminess
Optional:cacao nibs to top or drizzle on liquid sweetener if you need it

Banana & Beet smoothie porridge Breakfast vegan

Directions: Blend together the milk, banana and beetroot then pour into a pan of oats and add the coconut oil if using. Once the mix is simmering, lower the heat, cook for another 3-4 minutes with occasional stir (it’s best to put a lid onto your pot as the mix might bubble too much and start spitting beetroot red everywhere & leaving your kitchen looking like a horror film).  Much love! xXx

Banana & Beet smoothie porridge Breakfast vegan
What candied beetroots look like on the inside