Warming, curry pumpkin and bean stew

I love using seasonal pumpkin or squash for warming, hearty stews during the colder months. The warmth from the curry paste really contrasts nicely with the mild natural sweetness from the tomatoes to create a really comforting meal.
This recipe is so easy to make and requires just a handful of cheap store cupboard ingredients. Plus it only requires one pot which means less washing up afterwards which is the bane of my life sometimes!

I used pumpkin and beans in this recipe but you could also chuck in whatever other veg you have going spare in the fridge or simply to bulk out this meal and add extra goodness to your diet that day. Remember, the more variety of fibre and plant based foods you get in your diet each week, the better your gut health will be in general.

Warming, curry pumpkin and bean stew Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

The second serving makes a great lunch the next day or speedy dinner. I love coming home to this knowing that it ready to go after just a few minutes of reheating and saves me cooking that night again. I actually got addicted to this that I made this recipe like 3 times in 9 days because it was so easy and yummy.

Warming, curry pumpkin and bean stew Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan


Savoury grain free mug muffin rounds

This low carb, grain free “muffin” that can be made in a matter of minutes is a lifesaver for when you want a sub for bread or to bulk out a meal or even a quick breakfast.
It takes seconds to whip up and only a minute & a half in the microwave to cook, you can gather/make your filling while it cooks which makes it a great quick, easy, crap free meal option, suitable for even keto, paleo and grain free diets.


Savoury grain free mug muffin rounds Breakfast Grainfree Lunch

Once cooked, you can slice into rounds and serve whatever you like on top or use it as a substitute for bread for soups/spreads etc.
I like to have sauteed mushrooms and avocado with mine for a light dinner or savoury breakfast.

This is also a great reduced carb option for the colder weather as once the temperature drops, we tend to overdo the comforting carbs so this one will help balance out your meals on rest/less active days.

Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes

This savoury pancake recipe is packed full of veg and fibre plus is great for a quick cook meal any time of the day, double up the recipe to make seconds for the next days lunch. It’s so versatile as well because you can serve it with your favourite dressing or sauce and use up any spare salad that’s lying around your fridge too.

Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Grain free high fibre chickpea flour-where you find it?
I use chickpea/besan flourΒ (made from baby chickpeas or split lentils) which is super cheap and can be found in large Asda or Tescos, find it in the aisle where you get canned coconut milk. It’s a great way to ramp up your fibre but do remember it is different from usual flours so will have a more dense texture to it but it’s not a big problem in savoury recipes.


Secret veg sweet potato snickerdoodle slices

These secretly healthy slices are mostly made out of veg, including white beans and sweet potato and you can make these sugar free, not to mention the addition of some cinnamon and dark chocolate adds antioxidants that are a bonus on top of the fibre loaded veg!
Plus these are grain, soy, wheat, dairy & gluten free and don’t require any flour either.

Secret veg sweet potato snickerdoodle slices Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Sneaky veg
This is a great one for sneaking veg and more nutritional goodness into fussy eaters, they’ll never know there’s beans in there and seeing the dark chocolate will make them think it’s a proper dessert!
I love sweet cinnamon flavours but feel free to adapt this one to your tastes such as if you like a ginger and dark choc combo then you can add ginger spice instead.

Secret veg sweet potato snickerdoodle slices Desserts Grainfree snack vegan


Keto chocolate orange brownies

I’m not on a keto diet but I like to create recipes here for everyone and I’m aware there are some people who can’t have sugar and therefore need to adapt their way of eating, but that doesn’t have to mean you miss out on treats, just like with my low carb blueberry donuts

Sugar free baking?
I wanted to create a brownie recipe that was sugar free (and more tooth friendly), in order to do this I’ve used granular *Natvia which is a combination of natural non GMO erythritol & plant based stevia (I know the names sound scary but don’t let this throw you). These are some of the very few sweeteners that I use due to many others either not being well digested or having negative effects. If you don’t require a sugar free recipe you could also use coconut sugar.
*You can buy this granular mix online or in large Tesco stores.

Keto chocolate orange brownies Desserts Grainfree snack

Keto chocolate orange brownies Desserts Grainfree snack

Secret veg
As with nearly all my recipes I also like to sneak in some veg/fruit to make it more nutritious, plus I just love it when you’re having a “treat” and don’t even notice that it contains some sneaky veg/fruit. I’ve used avocado in this recipe which is a great source of healthy fats including potassium which people on the keto diet can be missing sometimes and can lead to the “keto flu” symptoms so this is quite beneficial and keeps the recipe really fudgey and moist.
Tip: Use a ripe avocado, it must be ripe or else it won’t blend well and you’ll get large chunks in the end product.

I normally prefer my brownies fresh from the oven and warm, however with this one, because it’s flourless, it’s nicer when it’s firmer once it’s cooled down fully, so I actually prefer eating them the next day. Whichever floats your boat is fine though.


Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups

These taste and smell like pizza when they’re baking because of the combination of flavours I used, mainly the Italian herbs with the cheese and tomatoes but you can tailor these to suit your own flavours (see my optional add ins below). They’re also made with low carb almonds and coconut flour meaning they’re low carb/keto friendly and suitable for anyone who needs to watch their carb intake.

Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

great for a lunchbox

Courgette in this recipe might seem weird at first but trust me, it keeps these really moist and means you don’t have to go through a step of squeezing out the excess water and adds in extra nutritional goodness plus fibre. Because I use bun cases to cook these in, they also make handy lunchbox additions or quick on the go snacks.