I’m not on a keto diet but I like to create recipes here for everyone and I’m aware there are some people who can’t have sugar and therefore need to adapt their way of eating, but that doesn’t have to mean you miss out on treats, just like with my low carb blueberry donuts

Sugar free baking?
I wanted to create a brownie recipe that was sugar free (and more tooth friendly), in order to do this I’ve used granular *Natvia which is a combination of natural non GMO erythritol & plant based stevia (I know the names sound scary but don’t let this throw you). These are some of the very few sweeteners that I use due to many others either not being well digested or having negative effects. If you don’t require a sugar free recipe you could also use coconut sugar.
*You can buy this granular mix online or in large Tesco stores.

Keto chocolate orange brownies Desserts Grainfree snack

Keto chocolate orange brownies Desserts Grainfree snack

Secret veg
As with nearly all my recipes I also like to sneak in some veg/fruit to make it more nutritious, plus I just love it when you’re having a “treat” and don’t even notice that it contains some sneaky veg/fruit. I’ve used avocado in this recipe which is a great source of healthy fats including potassium which people on the keto diet can be missing sometimes and can lead to the “keto flu” symptoms so this is quite beneficial and keeps the recipe really fudgey and moist.
Tip: Use a ripe avocado, it must be ripe or else it won’t blend well and you’ll get large chunks in the end product.

I normally prefer my brownies fresh from the oven and warm, however with this one, because it’s flourless, it’s nicer when it’s firmer once it’s cooled down fully, so I actually prefer eating them the next day. Whichever floats your boat is fine though.

Recipe (makes 4 to 6 brownies, depends on size)
-1 large ripe avocado (approx 125g flesh)
-2 medium free range eggs
-30g almond butter
-1 Tbsp (15ml) water
-3/4 tsp orange extract (I get mine in Tesco)
-36g Natvia (or coconut sugar if not keto/sugar free)*
-26g cacao powder
-Highly recommended for firmer brownie: 1 Tbsp coconut flour (I use Tiana or Groovy foods) OR hemp protein
*Note: if you use erythritol on its own then you won’t get as much of a sweet product as this is less sweet than Natvia blend, so adjust accordingly

Keto chocolate orange brownies Desserts Grainfree snack

Pre-heat the oven to 180C
Simply blend together all of the ingredients until smooth then pour into a small rectangular lined/oiled dish/loaf tin
Bake at 180C for 25mins
Allow to cool before cutting (otherwise they’re quite soft & risk falling apart), I personally like these better the next day.
Store leftovers in the fridge in an air tight container.

Let me know on social media what you think if you make these and how you found them being sugar free if it’s the first time you’ve tried a recipe like this. xo