You’re going to love this homemade, healthier baked bean dinner that’s packed with the flavours of a typical Italian pizza, nom nom!
✔Can be prepped and cooked in 30mins
✔Only requires 1 dish to cook in
✔Can count as up to 4/5 day depending on what you choose to serve it with
✔Easy to find ingredients

So delicious yet so full of nutrition, fibre and protein plus there’s practically no work required, the oven does most of it for you which is why it’s going to be a regular on my weekly dinner list.

1 pan pizzafied baked beans Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Recipe (makes 3 small/2 medium portions)
-360g mixed plain beans of choice
-350g chopped tomatoes (drain any excess liquid)*
-1 tspn garlic powder
-3 tspn Italian herbs/seasoning
-1 ball of mozzarella
-1 handful chopped basil leaves
-salt & pepper to taste
Serve with your favourite toast or a **baked spud etc
*Tip: Open the can/pack of tomatoes just a bit then let any water/liquid run out, this will help avoid the overall recipe being too runny. I used a 390g carton that when drained was 350g.
**Note: If you’re using a baked potato with this dish then either microwave it first then pop into the oven along with the beans to finish cooking or else cook it entirely in the microwave or get it on to cook a bit longer in the oven before the beans go in

1 pan pizzafied baked beans Dinner Grainfree Lunch

1-Preheat your oven to 170C
2-In a medium casserole dish add in all of the ingredients except the mozzarella and give it a good stir, then chopped the mozzarella into small pieces and scatter across the top
3-Pop the dish into the oven to bake for 25mins
4-Serve on top of toasted bread or a baked potato etc

Send/tag me in your photos if you make it, I’d love to see them xo