SENS cricket flour bars- A nourishing future food trend

Are you aware of the latest food trend that provides you with energy/ protein bars that are low carb, contain good fats, are high in protein with lots of vitamins/minerals e.g. B12, iron, calcium but with no gluten, dairy, soy or refined sugar?
Sound good?
By the way, the protein mainly comes from cricket flour (please don’t tell me you just made a face). People eat meat & shellfish so why not insects? This is probably because people immediately imagine insects as coming from dirty mud. However these crickets have been raised in a very clean environment, the work in converting them into yummy food has already been done for you and they taste great with a nutritional punch too!
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All natural, nourishing ingredients, no nasties!

Chocolate cherry homemade granola crunch cup

I couldn’t wait to make this recipe once I found lovely cherries at St Georges market, I had been craving a cherry choc combo for a while so reeeally enjoyed this, especially as the weather was lovely too. This is what I mean by enjoying a healthier meal without it needing to be celery or kale based. I looove yogurt and granola but find it hard to source good granola so instead I make it myself and I sweetened the dish naturally by adding cherries into my organic yogurt and only 1 tablespoon of maple for the batch of granola, boom! Healthy and tasty!

Plus I love that this cherry yogurt version has actualcherries in it rather than “cherry flavour”. It looks and tastes amazing, so you can easily impress your non healthy eating friends!

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Chocolate cacao cherry granola crunch cup


Flexible foodie with benefits!

Note: This is my own personal view & not for those who have medical/belief related eating styles
I love my food, I like to eat good, proper, natural food but I wouldn’t say that I’m restricted to a specific eating style/diet/plan. I take enjoyment from all food (I eat bread, pasta, dairy, butter, eggs, meat, gluten and chocolate, but I also love green smoothies, veggie burgers and porridge, I genuinely do!) and so I would refer to myself as a flexible foodie. What I love about this is that I can dip into different styles of eating at any time which makes me more creative/inspired and able to use ingredients in new ways or a food that I wouldn’t otherwise eat. Plus I now know that wholegrain, vegan, gluten free food etc doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard.
Furthermore, it allows me to enjoy food with people who need a specific diet & means I know how to accommodate friends with dietary needs when they come over.
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Chocolate calzone with homemade “nutella” filling

I couldn’t wait to use my homemade hazelnut butter in this recipe as so much effort went into making it, my poor little blender can only do nut butters bit by bit and takes half a day, so I certainly wasn’t going to let it go to waste!


This recipe is healthier than you may first think, it contains cacao powder which is full of antioxidants, is sweetened only with a little maple syrup, is filled with nutritious hazelnut butter which is also high in good fats and vitamin E & is made with wholegrain spelt flour which won’t spike energy levels the way refined white flour will.
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Breakfast granola banana boat

This breakfast couldn’t be simpler, it’s like a pimped up version of yogurt & granola, plus it’s a great way to get the kids to eat a healthy breakfast too!
It could also be used as a healthier dessert option by replacing the granola with some nuts/ dark chocolate etc then topping with a lovely choc sauce <3


If using a dairy yogurt, try to opt for organic.
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Healthy banana split breakfast bowl!

You’ll need:
-1 large banana
-2/3 heaped Tbspn of plain yogurt (use dairy free where needed)
-A sprinkling of granola, preferably homemade (gluten free as needed)
-Toppings: berries, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, cinnamon, chopped nuts, nut butter etc