Yes you read that right, it’s possible to sneak veg into oats without knowing it, trust me you won’t know its there!
I did this by using a mix of cacao powder and a choc superfood blend for a chocolatey flavour plus the colour covers the courgette so nobody will see it and the bonus is that the water from the veg gets absorbed by the oats meaning it’s not soggy.
This superfood blend is quite sweet which means I didn’t need to add any extra sweetness, so this is sugar free too. I like to top it with berries for a burst of juiciness and some creamy nut butter to finish it off.

Secret veg chocolate superfood baked oats Breakfast vegan

Baked oats nutrition

So much nutrition is packed into these oats, when I manage to get some veg into your breakfast it makes me feel like I’m setting myself up for the day and that’s not even mentioning the rest of the incredible ingredients in the blend some of which include: kale, broccoli, pineapple, goji, beets and so much more!

Secret veg chocolate superfood baked oats Breakfast vegan

I also love to eat baked oats every now and then to mix up the textures as the baked version is always thicker and has more bite to it which gives a feeling of being indulgent! I like to pop it in the oven, go off for a quick toning session or morning stretches then come back. If you’ve never tried baked oats before I encourage you to give it a go just once.
Another baked oats option is my apple notella version here

Recipe (serves 1)
-35g oats
-15g to 20g VeganTek superfoods blend (use DONTFRIG for discount)
-1 tsp cacao powder
-2 tsp ground flaxseed
-40g courgette, grated
-100ml water (increase to 120ml if you prefer softer/wetter baked oats)
optional: ¼ tsp matcha/ berries

*Can presoak the oats over night in an oven safe bowl then bake the next morning or just make it up fresh
Pre-heat the oven to 160c fan
Stir all the ingredients together, press some berries into the mix before baking if desired
Bake at 160c for 18-20min then remove (be careful it’s warm!)
Top with nut butter & berries

Although I’m an ambassador for VeganTek all opinions here are my own and this post may contain affiliate links.