These bars are very handy for quick mornings or a gut friendly snack, you can bake them the day before and have these ready to go for the next few days. They’re packed with fibre and antioxidants and even have some sneaky beans in there too for the win!

Berry bar benefits

I really like these with some citrusy, tangy baobab, some plant yogurt and stewed berries. You can pack all of this into a tupperware dish to take with you to work if needed. I also like that I’m getting beans in which adds some protein without using protein powders and helps keep you full longer.
Another bonus is that they’re full of gut friendly ingredients including: chickpeas/white beans, baobab (prebiotic), oats, polyphenol packed berries and probiotic plant yogurt. A breakfast/snack that ALSO feeds your gut too! Yeah that’s my type of food =)

Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans Breakfast Desserts snack vegan

Recipe (makes 6 bars)
1 can white beans, drained + rinsed
zest of 1 unwaxed lemon + 1 to 2 tsp lemon juice
25g cashew/almond butter
60g oats, small kind (can blend briefly for finer texture)
26g coconut sugar OR granulated alternative e.g Natvia/xylitol
120ml water
120g blueberries
optional: 1 Tbsp baobab powder
Highly recommend: serve with plant based berry yogurt (preferably without refined sugar, I like Nush)
Tip: Don’t skip the lemon zest it really helps cover the plain flavour of the beans & serve with some stewed berries or yogurt to add more flavour, plus the yogurt acts like a kind of sauce!

Lemon blueberry bars with sneaky beans Breakfast Desserts snack vegan

Pre-heat oven to 180c fan
Briefly blend the dry ingredient together to combine and break down the oats if you’re not using the small kind, pour into a bowl
Blend together the wet ingredients: beans, water, nut butter and lemon juice
Stir together the dry and wet ingredients well then add in berries
Line a baking tin with paper and pour in the mix
Bake for 22-25min at 180c, cool and serve, store leftovers in the fridge