This recipe is quite a unique one as it uses the UK’s first ever pistachio milk along with juicy berries and antioxidant packed matcha to provide a tonne of goodness!

Berry matcha pistachio milk porridge Breakfast vegan

Pistachio products

Borna’s pistachio products are quite unique as they’re the first brand in the UK to produce non dairy milks from pistachios, it’s also rare to find pistachio butter or snacks like the rest of their range.
Pistachios have a huge number of benefits (see more below) but this range is especially suitable for those on a diet free from animal products as their milks are fortified with vitamin B12 and calcium which are often hard to get from plant based products.

Berry matcha pistachio milk porridge Breakfast vegan


Pistachios in general are very healthy providing a great mix of healthy fats, fiber and nutrients. Some of the specific benefits include:
-Being linked to lower cardiovascular risk believed to be because they can help lower bad LDL cholesterol, contain heart healthy mono-unsaturated fats & antioxidants which can all protect the heart
-Good for skin thanks to their levels of vitamin E and antioxidants which protect from oxidative damage and can maintain eye health too
-A source of fiber which not only keep things moving along the gut but this fiber also acts like food for your good gut bacteria promoting their growth (whereas unhealthy snacks promote the cultivation of an unhealthy microbiome)

Recipe (serves 1)
-35g oats
-15g vegan vanilla plant protein (mine had stevia in it)
-1 tsp ground flaxseed
-250ml pistachio milk
-1/4 tsp organic matcha powder (this is green tea in powder form)
-mixed berries, use whatever you like
optional: 1 tsp maple/honey, sprinkle of hemp seeds/coconut

For better digestion i recommend soaking the oats overnight in the milk (covered), then heating the next morning
When ready to cook, simply start heating the oats until it starts to thicken, lower the heat and add the rest of the ingredients stirring frequently then serve when cooked through to your liking