I threw together this dip in a rush one evening and couldn’t get over just how good it tasted!!
I promise it tastes waaaay better than it looks, the peas are mildly sweet, the avocado gives creaminess and the lemon and garlic are strong flavours which work really well together.

I love the deep green colour it has which comes from the spirulina powder and is why I called it the “Hulk” dip, this is also probably a good thing to call it for a chance that kids will eat it haha.
You can use it as a healthy dip or spread it on oatcakes or some sourdough toast, move over smashed avo!

Supergreen "Hulk" dip Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

It’s actually so delicious!

There’s loads of benefits to this dip (aside from flavour), to begin, it’s great for immunity because of the vitamin C rich lemon juice, the raw garlic and cayenne pepper. there’s B vitamins in the peas, avocado and spirulina which are great for energy and the good fats and lemon juice are good for skin too.
As I mentioned in my recipe for banana PB spirulina flapjacks, lots of people buy ingredients like spirulina and don’t know how to use it so this is another one to help you use it up, plus the flavour is covered completely by the dominant garlic & lemon.

Supergreens “Hulk” dip
2 large handfuls peas, cooked & cooled
½ large ripe avocado
1 clove garlic
juice of half lemon
pinch of black pepper
1/4 to 1/3 tsp spirulina powder
optional: pinch of cayenne pepper
If you don’t have spirulina then you can leave it out
Use a ripe avo so it blends well
Don’t skip the lemon or garlic, they really add flavour
This makes about 2 portions but it can easily be doubled

Supergreen "Hulk" dip Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

Once the peas are cooked add them to a small food processor along with the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth then smear it on whatever is handy and munch away feeling smug that you’re getting so many great foods into your body.