Who doesn’t want healthy chocolate breakfasts?
I’ve had a stash of frozen cherries in my freezer lately which I’ve been defrosting purely for this recipe alone because I love it so much.

The apple puree (I used a baby food pouch-trust me it works!) really gives it a lovely soft, moist texture without needing to add any oil which is a win! Plus it lends a slight sweetness to the pancakes to balance out the cacao.
This is now one of my top favourite breakfasts to make so I can’t wait for everyone else to try it!

Black forest wholemeal vegan pancakes Breakfast Lunch vegan

Once you make this, you’ll be re-making it again and again like I have, I mean what more could you want?
-high fibre
-no refined sugar
-counts as 2/5 day
-can be made gluten, egg & dairy free
Say hello to soft, creamy, chocolatey, juicy berry goodness!

Recipe (serves 1)
55g wholemeal buckwheat/spelt flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cacao powder
100g apple puree (I used a baby food pouch)
1 flax egg* (can also use 1 egg if not vegan)
mix of pitted cherries & berries
yogurt of choice**
If needed: splash of water for thinner texture
*Instructions on how to make the flax egg below
**Tip: coconut yogurt/cream tastes best, if you use a plain/tangy yogurt then I recommend adding a drizzle of maple or Choc shot to contrast this

Black forest wholemeal vegan pancakes Breakfast Lunch vegan

1- First make the flax egg by adding 1 Tbsp of ground flax or chia seeds into a cup along with 3 Tbsp (45ml) of water, stir and leave to set for 10mins, make this first to allow it to thicken*
2- Heat a pan with some oil then weigh out the flour, cacao and baking powder, stir together then add in the fruit puree pouch plus the flax egg and stir together until combined
3- Dollop the mix into the pan, shape into circles and cook on a medium heat until small bubbles appear on top on each pancake before trying to flip them, once flipped, cook for another 30 seconds
4- If your cherries/berries are frozen then add these to the pan once the pancakes are done and turn off the heat to gently defrost the berries, even if you’re using fresh berries I like to cook them a little as this releases their juices which are lovely when poured over the pancakes. Serve up with your favourite yogurt then dig in.
*Tip: If you use hot water, the flax egg will set a little faster