Who doesn’t love a crepe?
Although most tend to be sweet I have had one or two fantastic savoury ones which inspired me to make my own version.

I decided to up the nutrition by adding some fresh kale (you can also use spinach) into the batter mix which I think is a great way to sneak this green leafy goodness into your meals without noticing it, trust me, once your toppings are inside you don’t notice it at all! This is such a healthy, fun, easy way to squeeze lots of veg and goodness into your day so definitely give it a go!

Savoury kale crepes Breakfast Dinner Lunch

Recipe (serves 1)
-20g destemed kale
-40g buckwheat flour/spelt flour
-100ml milk of choice
-1 medium egg
-1/4 tsp baking powder
– pinch of salt

Suggested fillings
-sauteed garlic mushrooms with onions, grated cheese & a few drops Tabasco/hot sauce
-sundried tomatoes with mashed avocado & chilli/hot sauce
-hummus & garlic mushrooms/other veg
-whatever veg/dips are lying in your fridge begging to be used!

1- Firstly cook/fry your chosen fillings if this is required
2- If it hasn’t already been done, remove the hard middle stem from the kale leaves and weigh out 20g into a blender, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth
3- Heat a frying pan with 1 tsp of oil and when it’s hot, pour a little of the mix into the pan while swirling it around to spread out the mixture into a thin circle, cook for approx 45-60 seconds, make sure bubbles have appeared on the top of the crepe before attempting to flip it over, cook on the other side for approx 30 seconds then plate it up and repeat until your mixture is all used up