The base of strawberries, banana & nut butter use to be my favourite combo of all time however as my knowledge on nutrition and food has evolved I’ve learnt how to incorporate different foods into my dishes to boost the nutrient and goodness intake without compromising on taste. In some cases, I even improve on taste like the addition of cacao which gives a lovely guilt free chocolatey flavour to a smoothie/shake.

The shivvy shake Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan

Therefore I named this after myself (don’t mind if I do) as some people call me shivvy as a nickname.

This smoothie recipe contains 2 of my favourite “health hacks”, as well as tasting delicious & being super nourishing.

The health hacks as I like to call them are the steeping/use of the green teabag which not only allows you to sneak this fantastic drink into your diet without noticing but is also great for the skin as I then use the bag either directly (run it over my face before washing off) or squeeze out the excess water to make a mask with e.g. mix with honey & good quality oil etc. This is a great skin saver & an all natural one too which can be quite beneficial for those with sensitive skin.
The shivvy shake Breakfast Grainfree snack vegan


Approx. 120g strawberries
½ a banana
100ml green tea (teabag steeped overnight/1 hour)
150ml milk (any kind)
1 Tbspn hemp seeds or flax seeds (great for boosting anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats)
1 Tbspn nut butter
1 brazil nut (great for boosting your selenium intake)
3/4 tspn cacao powder
Recommended but optional: pinch of cinnamon, a handful frozen spinach
-Steep the green teabag overnight (for morning smoothie) or for an hour during the day, allowing it to cool before use.
-Then simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and process until you reach your desired consistency
Feel free to tweak this in whatever way suits you and your nutritional needs,
much love,
Siobhan xx