These are definitely a special occasion treat but also a great snack to bring to a party, especially if you’re trying to convert the people there toward eating cleaner, this shows them that natural, wholesome food doesn’t mean tasteless & can actually feel so naughty!
While making these I couldn’t wait to put my face in……. I mean, taste, the “nutella”.

Homemade “nutella” filled raw "oreos" Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Homemade “nutella” filled raw "oreos" Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

Homemade “nutella” filled raw "oreos" Desserts Grainfree snack vegan
Healthy homemade “nutella” filled raw oreos
Note: You can choose one of the fillings or both and can sub approx. 95g of nuts for 45g oats if you want to reduce the amount of nuts used.
I loved making my own hazelnut butter even though it took half a day because my blender is rubbish so I had to give it about 5 rests before I actually got to the desired nut butter texture so that the blender wouldn’t die on me!
*Makes 11/12 depending on the size
Oreo cookie base
-175g dates soaked in warm water for about 15mins
-180g almonds
-50g hazelnuts
-45g brazil nuts (excellent for selenium content)Homemade “nutella” filled raw "oreos" Desserts Grainfree snack vegan
-25g cacao powder
-70g hazelnut butter
-1 Tbspn carob/maple syrup/honey
-3/4 tspn cacao powder (approx. 3g)
Vanilla Cream
-60g coconut cream*
-1/4 tspn pure ground vanilla pod powder or 1/2 tspn vanilla extract

*You can put a full fat can of coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours then scoop out the solid top bit if you don’t have coconut cream


Soak the dates in warm water for around 15mins. While they soak, measure out the nuts and cacao, then put these into a food processor and blend until they form a flour like texture, remove and set aside.

Once the dates have soaked, drain them and blend until smooth, then add in the dry cacao & nut mix and blend until the mix sticks together.

Scoop out teaspoon amounts and roll into balls then squeeze in the palm of your hand to flatten and make cookie shapes or else press the mix onto baking paper and use cookie cutters.

For the nutella and vanilla cream mixtures, simply combine the ingredients above, then spoon some nutella onto one side of a cookie, then dollop on some cream and add another cookie piece to topKeep these in a container in the fridge so as the coconut cream mix stays solid/together. 

Finally, twist it, lick it & scoff it! 

Homemade “nutella” filled raw "oreos" Desserts Grainfree snack vegan

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