These are a great little snack and you can easily manipulate them to suit your own tastes e.g choose white chocolate chips with cranberries or use different fruit such as fresh cherries, gojis or raisins. This recipe is healthier than the traditional as it doesn’t use any refined biscuits, condensed milk and omits the heavily processed cherries, with the replacement ingredients being a lot “cleaner” and with less refined sugar.
Healthier fifteens Desserts snack vegan
Healthier fifteens Desserts snack vegan

Recipe (makes roughly 16 pieces)
-185g oatcakes, Approx 3 packets (fine milled taste the best)
-175ml oatcream
-1 Tbspn coconut oil
-1 or 2 Tbspn (depending how sweet you want it) maple syrup/honey
-75g dried cranberries/gojis/real fresh cherries
-50g dark choc chips (dairy free if needed) or cacao nibs if you’re hardcore!
-shredded coconut for rolling
Healthier fifteens Desserts snack vegan
-Crumble the oatcakes into a blender and process until they form really fine crumbs/powder
-Tip into a bowl and add in the choc chips & fruit or whatever else you choose
-Gently heat the coconut oil and oatcream in a pan then add in the syrup and once the coconut oil has melted pour this into the dry ingredients and mix then leave to set for 5mins so the oats can absorb the moisture
-Pour some coconut onto baking parchment then take some of the mixture to shape into a cylinder and roll it in the coconut then place onto a plate. Once all the mixture has been rolled place the plate into the fridge and leave to set for a few hours few cutting into pieces