Ok, so this is a strange one but chilli and chocolate pair so well together in my opinion so I thought I’d try out this porridge this morning and it was delicious! The addition of the coconut oil is highly recommended as it makes it creamy and cools some of the heat.
Chocolate chillana porridge Breakfast vegan
Chocolate chilli oats- feel the burn!


-45g oats
-approx 125ml milk (any kind-use more if you like thinner porridge)
-1 small banana
-1/3 tspn cayenne pepper (use less if you don’t want much heat)
-1 tspn coconut oil
-1 tspn cacao powder
Optional: cacao nibs and grated frozen chill to top


Mash up the banana then make the porridge as you normally would with the banana in the mix as this flavours it better
Top with cacao nibs and grate some frozen chilli on top if desired, then enjoy the chocolatey kick!!
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Chocolate chillana porridge Breakfast vegan