Soft, savoury & moist cottage cheese pancakes

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “cottage cheese in pancakes?!”.
This works so well, it gives a guilt free creaminess & lots of moisture to the pancakes, plus when they cook they remain soft and moist on the inside, trust me, when you bite into creamy, cheesy goodness you’ll not regret making these.
Seriously, this is one you have to try in order to see how good it is, so please try them.
Soft, savoury & moist cottage cheese pancakes Breakfast Dinner Lunch
Soft, savoury, moist healthy protein cottage cheese pancakes

This is perfect for a post workout meal due to the protein and good fats, plus the cottage cheese is naturally lower in fat than other cheeses & also a good option for those on pancake Tuesday who don’t have a sweet tooth.