Healthy breakfast carrot cake muffins

Who said carrot cake had to be unhealthy?
These breakfast carrot cake muffins are packed with fiber, goodness and spices plus low in added sugar!

They’re great for batch cooking so that you have brekkie covered for a few days, they go really well with some nut butter and you can decide how sweet you want them!

Plus they contain lots of nutrition from both fruit & veg and have a decent amount of anti-inflammatory spices in them for good measure!

Healthy breakfast carrot cake muffins Breakfast snack vegan

Healthy breakfast carrot cake muffins Breakfast snack vegan


Carrot cake flapjacks (dairy free)

Spiced, warming carrot cake flapjacks with no refined sugar & lots of healthy fiber & fats from oats, rye, flaxseeds and fruit/veg. I purposely lowered the amount of fat from oil that standard recipes use but they still came out great with a slightly crisp texture!

Carrot cake flapjacks (dairy free) Breakfast snack vegan

I also made these dairy free by using coconut oil instead of butter which works really well with the carrot cake flavours. Perfect for winter time when carrots are so easy to get & the spices are lovely on cold mornings, plus they’re portable too for an on the go healthier snack!


Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars

Breakfast carrot cake bars made using natural, nourishing ingredients that will keep you full up til lunchtime. This can also be edited to make them suit whatever tastes you like i.e. more sweet, add fruit of choice etc and are great for portable breakfasts  plus they’ll last you a few mornings.

The recipe can be adapted to meet vegan/gluten free/ sugar free diets as necessary and are a good way of sneaking fruit & veg into people. It’s also optional but I used protein powder instead of standard flour because it balances out the macros a little more meaning they’re a good option post-workout too.

Breakfast oatmeal carrot cake bars Breakfast snack vegan