My favourite products of 2016

I’m always looking for good, natural brands for both food products and skin care products. I usually have to try out a fair few before finding one that I like, so I’ve summarised some of the products that I’ve found in 2016 that I really enjoy using and give some pros & cons so that others can make informed decisions.

1- Bloom tea matcha (Mindpower flavour)
If you’re not aware of what matcha is, I’ve written a post about it before, see here.
I chose this flavour as I like ginger and was curious about the taste and I have to say this one is damn good! If you are a matcha drinker then you’ll know it’s not the best tasting drink out there so getting one with a little zingy flavour in it is a bonus. Plus they are organic and sourced from Japan.
You can purchase this tea on amazon, online or via Holland & Barrett.

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Heavenly “no”tella nibbles

Best recipe I’ve made so far! You’ll  these notella nibbles. They’re soooo creamy & melt in your mouth good!
Heavenly “no”tella nibbles Desserts Grainfree Popular snack vegan

I call these “no”tella nibbles as there isn’t any processed nutella in them but they taste so amazing that you’d think there was!

These homemade treats are also great because you can enjoy them knowing exactly what’s in them, no hidden nasties!

I made this recipe 2 ways, one without crunchy cacao nibs/nuts and one with them so you can choose whichever one you’d prefer. Personally, I loved the crunch of the cacao nibs.


High protein low carb omega cookie dough balls

This recipe was a happy accident resulting from me throwing a bunch of my favourite ingredients into a food processor and hoping for the best, luckily for me, they taste amazing, seriously, I’m not just saying that, I was really surprised by how good these tasted! The beans and nut butter make them creamy and the crunchy cacao nibs throughout give a cookie dough texture 💕

A major bonus is that they are the perfect pre/post workout snack and sooooo nutritious, there’s so much magnesium, fibre & protein in this recipe & is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats due to the chia & hemp.
Per dough ball: 6.6g protein

High protein low carb omega cookie dough balls Desserts energy balls Grainfree Lunch Popular snack vegan

Healthy protein cookie dough balls