Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes

This savoury pancake recipe is packed full of veg and fibre plus is great for a quick cook meal any time of the day, double up the recipe to make seconds for the next days lunch. It’s so versatile as well because you can serve it with your favourite dressing or sauce and use up any spare salad that’s lying around your fridge too.

Cajun carrot chickpea flour pancakes Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Grain free high fibre chickpea flour-where you find it?
I use chickpea/besan flourĀ (made from baby chickpeas or split lentils) which is super cheap and can be found in large Asda or Tescos, find it in the aisle where you get canned coconut milk. It’s a great way to ramp up your fibre but do remember it is different from usual flours so will have a more dense texture to it but it’s not a big problem in savoury recipes.


Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups

These taste and smell like pizza when they’re baking because of the combination of flavours I used, mainly the Italian herbs with the cheese and tomatoes but you can tailor these to suit your own flavours (see my optional add ins below). They’re also made with low carb almonds and coconut flour meaning they’re low carb/keto friendly and suitable for anyone who needs to watch their carb intake.

Low carb, cheese, herb and courgette cups Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

great for a lunchbox

Courgette in this recipe might seem weird at first but trust me, it keeps these really moist and means you don’t have to go through a step of squeezing out the excess water and adds in extra nutritional goodness plus fibre. Because I use bun cases to cook these in, they also make handy lunchbox additions or quick on the go snacks.


Savoury beetroot feta flapjacks

This savoury twist on the flapjack recipe uses earthy beetroot, creamy feta and tangy vinegar for a flavour filled flapjack!
A savoury flapjack may sound weird but it really works and is a great way of getting this wholegrain into your diet if you don’t like porridge in the morning or prefer something else for breakfast.

I just love the colour that beetroot lends to recipes but I know most people don’t like its earthy taste which is why I pair it with creamy tangy feta which is a great combination.
I also use pre cooked vac pack beets for easiness plus it’s a great staple to have in your fridge to whip up recipes like this or bulk out meals at short notice.

Savoury beetroot feta flapjacks Dinner Lunch snack


Coconut, harissa and pomegranate chickpea pancakes

This combination of creamy coconut, hot harissa and sweet pops of pomegranate seeds on these chickpea pancakes is a dream mixture and great plant based meal full of goodness. There’s antioxidants in the pomegranate seeds, good medium chain, easily digestible fats in the coconut, spices in the harissa paste and fibre and protein in the chickpea flour (which you can get in the supermarket btw).
I really like this meal when I’m craving something different from the usual dinners and flavours you typically rely on and gives you a way to consume more pomegranate seeds which are packed full of Polyphenols which some people probably aren’t getting enough of.

Coconut, harissa and pomegranate chickpea pancakes Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Cooking with chickpea/gram flour
If you’ve never made chickpea flour pancakes/mixtures before, just note that it’s slightly different from usual flour so it won’t be as light but is great for savoury meals and provides a good thick texture to the recipe. They also need to be cooked out a bit longer than regular pancakes, they don’t brown quickly so don’t worry about them burning easily. Check out my veggie slices made with chickpea flour for another idea on how to use it.
TIP: for best digestion if you have time to soak the flour and water together for an hour/up to a few hours then this enhances digestibility and nutrition


Tikka curry carrot muffins

These are savoury tikka flavoured muffins filled with grated carrot for added goodness.
These may sound a little strange but honestly they taste divine, even my own mum who tends to be health food adverse admitted how good they smell coming out of the oven. It’s curry in muffin form, what’s not to love?

Tikka curry carrot muffins Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

They make a great lunchbox option for work as they’re easily made the night before and can be taken with you the next day without needing prep work which can be a bit tricky for offices that don’t have great kitchens/lunch areas.

Allergen friendly
These can be adjusted to suit many different diets, such as sub coconut oil instead of butter for dairy free or use chestnut flour for grain free, both flours I’ve tested were gluten free and were still really soft and light. Plus they’re packed with healthy spices and some sneaky carrot to help you along your way to 5 a day, they may even be good enough for picky eaters, why not try it? Seriously, I’ve found them so good I find it hard to stop myself eating nearly the whole batch!

Tikka curry carrot muffins Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack


Grain free lemon rosemary scones

For ages now I have really wanted to develop a grain free/lower carb scone especially for people with allergies/gut issues who can’t tolerate the usual flours and therefore tend to not be able to eat things like this. Going through my own issues, I know it can be really sad not enjoying the same things as others so having alternatives which you can have, really helps to keep you on track and your spirits up.

Grain free lemon rosemary scones Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

Even if you don’t have any of these issues this recipe makes a nice change from the usual style of scone both flavour wise and in terms of the ingredients used. Plus they’re a lot lower in sugar and way more nutritious than anything you could buy.

This recipe uses lovely fragrant lemon zest and rosemary for flavour, with just a touch of honey, if you’re on keto then you can omit this. When baking, the oils from the lemon get released and start smelling amazing! These are best served warm with a little bit of grass fed butter melting gently on them….I’m drooling just remembering these.
It’s optional but if you have it then you can add in collagen powder which is a great protein source that can be used by the gut to repair the lining.

Grain free lemon rosemary scones Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack