Tikka curry carrot muffins

These are savoury tikka flavoured muffins filled with grated carrot for added goodness.
These may sound a little strange but honestly they taste divine, even my own mum who tends to be health food adverse admitted how good they smell coming out of the oven. It’s curry in muffin form, what’s not to love?

Tikka curry carrot muffins Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

They make a great lunchbox option for work as they’re easily made the night before and can be taken with you the next day without needing prep work which can be a bit tricky for offices that don’t have great kitchens/lunch areas.

Allergen friendly
These can be adjusted to suit many different diets, such as sub coconut oil instead of butter for dairy free or use chestnut flour for grain free, both flours I’ve tested were gluten free and were still really soft and light. Plus they’re packed with healthy spices and some sneaky carrot to help you along your way to 5 a day, they may even be good enough for picky eaters, why not try it? Seriously, I’ve found them so good I find it hard to stop myself eating nearly the whole batch!

Tikka curry carrot muffins Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack


Grain free lemon rosemary scones

For ages now I have really wanted to develop a grain free/lower carb scone especially for people with allergies/gut issues who can’t tolerate the usual flours and therefore tend to not be able to eat things like this. Going through my own issues, I know it can be really sad not enjoying the same things as others so having alternatives which you can have, really helps to keep you on track and your spirits up.

Grain free lemon rosemary scones Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack

Even if you don’t have any of these issues this recipe makes a nice change from the usual style of scone both flavour wise and in terms of the ingredients used. Plus they’re a lot lower in sugar and way more nutritious than anything you could buy.

This recipe uses lovely fragrant lemon zest and rosemary for flavour, with just a touch of honey, if you’re on keto then you can omit this. When baking, the oils from the lemon get released and start smelling amazing! These are best served warm with a little bit of grass fed butter melting gently on them….I’m drooling just remembering these.
It’s optional but if you have it then you can add in collagen powder which is a great protein source that can be used by the gut to repair the lining.

Grain free lemon rosemary scones Breakfast Grainfree Lunch snack


Easy oaty wholemeal bread

Super easy healthy wholemeal bread that doesn’t require any yeast or kneading, basically no skill required as I’m a very lazy baker so I use this as a cheat so I can still have bread without the fillers or preservatives and with minimal effort!

Bloat free bread
If you’ve ever struggled with digesting typical store bought bread then I highly recommend trying this just once. You can bake it right away if you’re short on time but using the cultured buttermilk/kefir (see notes below) and allowing the flour to activate/ferment for a few hours (optional) will help with digestion. Plus you don’t get any added sugars, emulsifiers or preservatives that can affect your gut. Adding this to your eating plan means you still get your bread fix and easy meal prep but in a much healthier way.

Easy oaty wholemeal bread Breakfast Lunch snack vegan

Toasted with eggs

I’ve used this for both sweet and savoury recipes, it works great with either. It’s also lovely when lightly toasted. One of my fav recipes for it which isn’t pictured here is some grated apple, cinnamon and nut butter <3
It also goes really well with my Hulk dip or green shamrock spread

Super green shamrock spread

As you can tell from the colour, it really is super green AND filled with super greens! A healthy snack to either prepare you for or recover from St Patrick’s day (giving your liver some greens will help keep it in good shape).
This is a variation on my Hulk dip, with the base being peas and avocado plus a touch of spirulina for that deep green colour and a boost of B vitamins (and others) but this time the big flavour comes from spicy hot sauce and fragrant fresh basil.

Super green shamrock spread Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

Making your own dips like these with nutritious ingredients is so easy and much healthier than store bought options, when I’ve cooked up some bread or something nice to go with a dip I’ll make a big batch of it so that I’m sorted for the next few days.
It’s also a really easy way to squeeze extra veg and goodness into your meals by centring the bulk of the ingredients around veggies or pulses.


Chickpea flour pizza

Grain free, healthy, high fibre chickpea flour pizza!
Not only are you getting to eat pizza but it’s made from a veg!

Chickpea flour AKA gram flour is so cheap and easy to get once you know where to look, it’s usually in the continental/world food section of the supermarkets so I urge you to try it out, it’s not expensive and is a healthy, easy way of cooking with new flours.
For another chickpea flour based recipe check out these Veggie slices

Chickpea flour pizza Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan

Note: You will need a small circular pie base to hold and shape the mix as it’s runny until baked, I used a small silicon rubber pie mould. You could possibly use a small frying pan that’s oven safe however I haven’t tested this so let me know if you do.

Once you have the flour it’s easy and quick to make this pizza, you don’t have to knead anything, plus it’s naturally high in protein and fibre, grain and gluten free so it should be suitable for many diets. Bloat free pizza anyone?
TIP: For best digestion if you have the time, allow the flour and water to soak for a few hours

Chickpea flour pizza Dinner Grainfree Lunch vegan


Grain free low carb bakewell protein pancakes

I’m so pleased with how these turned out as grain free based pancakes are notoriously difficult to flip, don’t usually stay together and can be kinda dry, especially the coconut flour ones but I managed to make decent ones using a combination of pea protein, ground almonds and a pinch of coconut flour.
Flavour is added with almond extract (really gives it that bakewell/marzipan flavour) and cherries with lashings of almond butter, meaning it’s low sugar too, you can add honey if you need it sweeter. All this equals easily digested, healthy, guilt free pancake stacks that also pack a protein punch!

Grain free low carb bakewell protein pancakes Breakfast Grainfree Lunch