Affordable superfoods that should be in your shopping basket

Before you think it, kale is not on the list, I purposely left it out as I wanted to highlight other foods that I felt people wouldn’t normally think of or expect. These are all easily available in all shops and at very cheap prices.
There are also many, many more that I could add to this list but I decided to keep it short so that I didn’t bore anyone with too many long explanations, so remember that there are others out there and that eating a varied diet is a great idea.

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This post is also very similar to another one I did called Everyday superfoods so I suppose you could see this as a part 2 in a way, I hope you find the info in both helpful. 


Real chocolate origins + become a pro chocoholic!

So if you’ve even glanced at my blog before then you’ll know I’m a cacao maniac! I love the stuff, I honestly feel it’s one (if not thee!) best thing I’ve discovered. Therefore, when I found out there was a book about chocolate, it’s origins & the bean-to-bar process, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

FYI: Cacao refers to the less processed product & chocolate refers to the more processed typical form.

With a Masters in Food security, I do like to learn all I can about the food we eat and where it comes from, I’ve learnt so much from this book and feel that it should be shared with as many people as possible, so please share this post if you find it helpful.
The book I read and have used info-graphics from was “Chocolate- indulge your inner chocoholic” by Dom Ramsey.

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Which oil should I cook with? Two Kitchen Junkies guest post.

With such an array of oils to choose from these days it can be a little daunting as to which one you should cook with. You may not think it’s overly important which one you use but there are some good reasons behind why you should cook with certain ones and use others only for cold dressings.

This is a topic I’ve wanted to share with people for a while, however I found it quite hard to explain certain concepts in a simple way so kept putting it on the back burner but was recently approached by Two kitchen junkies who have written about this exact topic is an excellent way, covering all the main points I feel people should know, particularly smoke point & fat content.

I hope you guys find it useful and come away from it with a better understanding of how to choose your oils. xx

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My favourite products of 2016

I’m always looking for good, natural brands for both food products and skin care products. I usually have to try out a fair few before finding one that I like, so I’ve summarised some of the products that I’ve found in 2016 that I really enjoy using and give some pros & cons so that others can make informed decisions.

1- Bloom tea matcha (Mindpower flavour)
If you’re not aware of what matcha is, I’ve written a post about it before, see here.
I chose this flavour as I like ginger and was curious about the taste and I have to say this one is damn good! If you are a matcha drinker then you’ll know it’s not the best tasting drink out there so getting one with a little zingy flavour in it is a bonus. Plus they are organic and sourced from Japan.
You can purchase this tea on amazon, online or via Holland & Barrett.

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Green tea 101- info you may not know

Green tea and matcha (whole leaf powder form) are popular drinks that have been used all over the world due to their high content of antioxidants and polyphenols. The 4 main polyphenols in green tea are epicatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC) and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Now you can see why they’re abbreviated!!
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SENS cricket flour bars- A nourishing future food trend

Are you aware of the latest food trend that provides you with energy/ protein bars that are low carb, contain good fats, are high in protein with lots of vitamins/minerals e.g. B12, iron, calcium but with no gluten, dairy, soy or refined sugar?
Sound good?
By the way, the protein mainly comes from cricket flour (please don’t tell me you just made a face). People eat meat & shellfish so why not insects? This is probably because people immediately imagine insects as coming from dirty mud. However these crickets have been raised in a very clean environment, the work in converting them into yummy food has already been done for you and they taste great with a nutritional punch too!
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All natural, nourishing ingredients, no nasties!