It’s coming up to my favourite time of year which is Halloween and pumpkin season. I absolutely love baking with pumpkin and eating the results!
I’m also a healthy snack fiend, I love a treat that also nourishes the body which is what I focused on when creating this recipe. So why not make your Halloween this year that bit more nourishing with this creation and use up any spare pumpkin pulp so that it doesn’t go to waste. Oh and it’s not jam packed with refined sugar meaning no energy spikes & dips.

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts Desserts snack vegan

Pumpkin power!

I love cooking with pumpkin or squash because its a great source of plant based vitamin A which is good for the skin and immune system, it’s also full of fibre which benefits the gut and has a mellow flavour to it which blends well with other ingredients.
I combined this amazing food with wholemeal flour for fibre, vegan protein powder to balance out the macronutrients and the addition of the cinnamon and chocolate top help add antioxidants to the mix.
If you choose the second frosting option using the superfood blend then it’s even more beneficial considering the 30 amazing ingredients used in it but you won’t believe they’re there because when mixed with the yogurt and cacao it makes a great, healthy frosting

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts Desserts snack vegan

Pumpkin protein donut recipe (makes 5)
-150g pumpkin puree (or cooked squash/sweet potato)
-1 Tbsp almond or peanut butter
-2 heaped Tbsp maple or date syrup (or honey if not strict vegan)
-60ml (1/4 cup) water or plant milk
-50g wholemeal flour (I used buckwheat)
-25g vanilla vegan protein powder* (mine was stevia based)
-1/3 tsp cinnamon (can leave out but I love cinnamon & it helps with blood sugar regulation)
-generous 1/2 tsp baking powder
*Notes: can sub protein for more flour but you’ll need to adjust sweetness e.g. add 1 generous tsp coconut sugar
*I used a silicone rubber mold from Amazon that only cost roughly £3

Frosting options
1) simply melt some of your favourite dark choc & dip the donuts in
2) Mix together 100g coconut yogurt +1 scoop VeganTek Choc superfood blend* +1 tsp cacao powder
*Note: for this blend you can get a discount by using code: DONTFRIG
3) Or you can use the choc cream “cheeze” spread I made here

Chocolate frosted pumpkin protein donuts Desserts snack vegan

Preheat the oven to 180c/160c fan
Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl then add in the wet ingredients and stir well.
Spoon or pipe the mix into your donut molds then bake at 180c for 18-20mins
Allow to cool before removing from the mold. Meanwhile, make the frosting then dip or spread it on once the donuts have cooled. Store leftovers in the fridge in an air tight container.

For more pumpkin baking ideas check out my scones (not vegan) or blondies.