Keep your loved one healthy and happy this Valentine’s day with these beetroot pancakes that are good for the heart (and liver) plus they contain lots of fibre and antioxidants too. Oh and lets not forget yummy as well!

Heart healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes Breakfast Lunch

Beets are great for the heart but also provide great support to the liver thanks to the antioxidant betalain and the ability to form nitrates, it can aid blood pressure and liver health. The oats in this recipe pack a good fibre hit (including soluble fibre that forms a gel in your gut and can absorb bad cholesterol) and the cacao gives a chocolate taste alongside magnesium and antioxidants without any refined sugar. A great breakfast for anyone to wake up to.

Beet cheat
Using vac pack beets may seem like a cheat but this method actually locks in and doubles the level of antioxidants compared to most other standard cooking methods so don’t feel guilty about the lack of effort cooking it, yay!

Heart healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes Breakfast Lunch

packed with fibre

I’ve also given options below for a sugar free version for anyone who needs it. I prefer Natvia granulated and liquid stevia as they don’t cause me any digestive upset like most other options do but choose whichever options work for you.

Red velvet beet pancakes (Serves 2)
2 small vac pack beetroot (125g to 135g)
120ml milk of choice or water
2 eggs
3/4 tsp baking powder
2 or 3 tsp coconut sugar/granulated alternative e.g Natvia
100g oats (can sub 25g of oats for vanilla pea protein & reduce sweetener)
1 & ½ tsp cacao powder
2 heaped Tbsp almond butter
beet juice
honey (adjust to taste) or 3-4 drops liquid stevia
optional: cacao nibs for topping
Tip: reserve the beet juice from the bottom of the pack to colour your sauce

Blend together the first 3 ingredients until smooth, then add the rest of the dry ingredients and blend until combined
Heat a pan with some oil, once warm pour the batter in forming small pancakes, cook until little bubbles appear on the top of each pancake then flip and cook for another 30-45 seconds.
Repeat until the mix is used up
For the sauce add the ingredients to a mug along with two splashes of boiling water then stir for a few seconds until a sauce forms, adjust to desired consistency then pour over the pancakes and top with cacao nibs for a chocolatey crunch if desired.