Most people tend to stick with the same wholegrains in their diet (wholewheat, oats, etc) out of habit, but you can still get in that fibre content while mixing up your nutrition with other grains too using this simple recipe that is tasty and helps cover the bland flavours of most grains due to the sweet banana and creamy nut butter. It’s also a good way to use up a spare overly ripe banana.

Easy banana nut butter super grain porridge Breakfast vegan

For this recipe I’ve tried both quinoa and millet. Both are naturally gluten free and high fibre, one main difference is that quinoa is a complete protein whereas millet is not, but it still has lots of goodness, just something to bare in mind for anyone getting their protein solely from plant sources.
You can now easily get quinoa in big supermarkets and millet in health food stores.

Notes: I prefer to soak my grains over night, as this helps with digestion and nutrient absorption however it isn’t necessary, so if you forget, it’s not a big deal. I also like to thin out the nut butter into a kind of sauce as it makes it more spreadable and I think blending the banana rather than just mashing it helps the flavour distribute more evenly but it’s totally up to you. FYI Choosing ripe bananas with brown spots will give a sweeter taste.

Recipe (serves 1)
50g quinoa/millet
250ml milk of choice (I like coconut)
1 ripe medium banana
A generous half tablespoon nut butter
Splash of boiling water to thin out nut butter

Pre soak the grain overnight then drain and rinse the next morning and place into a pot
Add 3/4 of the banana to a blender along with the milk and blend then add this mix into the pot
Bring to the boil, then reduce to a medium heat and cook for approx 10mins until the liquid has been absorbed, give it an occasional stir while it cooks
Once cooked, add to a bowl. then add the nut butter and hot water to a small glass or cup and stir for a good 30secs until it forms a thin sauce ( which it will, but it may take a good few seconds), adjust the thickness to your liking then pour it over the cooked porridge before topping with the remaining bits of banana