Tired of your boring same old omelette?
Then spice it up (literally and metaphorically) with this Moroccan version which uses cumin, hummus for creamy decadence and added lentils which not only bulk it out with added veg but provide some plant protein and fibre to the dish as well!

Moroccan lentil omelette Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Brilliant beans and lovable lentils
Lentils and pulses/beans are such a great food staple, they’re cheap, packed with a type of fibre that your gut loves and most give a decent protein hit too which all means they also keep you full.
Another bonus is that beans and pulses can blunt energy release when paired with high carb foods, so if you’re having that white rice then one way to blunt the insulin spike is to add beans, which is a delicious way if you ask me.
This is because the beans will block an enzyme that’s needed to break down the starch and carbs in the other foods meaning you don’t get as much of an energy spike, woo!
A study across various countries examining bean/pulse intake in elderly people found that regardless of what country they came from (which is interesting as diets can vary widely) for each 20g increase in bean/pulse consumption this led to a 7-8% decrease in mortality, so eat up folks!

For more lentil or bean recipes check out my lentil loaf or bean blondies. 

Recipe (serves 1)
2 large eggs
35g dry red lentils*, soaked overnight in hot water
½ tsp cumin & pinch black pepper
salad leaves
1 Tbsp tom puree
50g hummus
veg of choice e.g mushrooms, onions, peppers
*Notes: Soak dry lentils in at least twice the amount of water, don’t skip this step if using dry lentils. You can also use 70g precooked lentils instead which eliminates the need to soak them and will produce a darker coloured omelette.

Moroccan lentil omelette Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

1-Soak the lentils overnight in twice the amount of warm water, cover and leave to soak.
2-When ready to cook the omelette, start by stir frying your chosen veg in a pan, while this cooks, drain the lentils, rinse them for a few seconds under running water in a sieve then chuck them into a small food processor along with the eggs and spices, blend for a good solid 30 seconds.
3-Remove veg from the pan once cooked, then oil the pan and add in the lentil mix, cook for 2 minutes on a medium heat then add in the veg and fold it in half then plate up with a dollop of hummus and salad for added greens.