What’s not to love about sweet potato, creamy avo and a runny yolk centre!?
This rosti recipe makes a great, easy savoury meal for anytime of the day, use it as a post workout meal in the morning or evening, with a good mix of complex carbs, healthy fats and lean protein, plus, the addition of a hot sauce will really help perk you up in the morning too!

Recommendation: I like to mash up some avocado or yogurt with a hot sauce to spread over these and also helps to keep the dish really moist and lovely but you can tailor these to your own tastes simply by adjusting the spices to whichever ones you prefer and using how much of them you like.

savoury sweet potato rostis Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

Recipe (serves 1)
1 medium (200g) sweet potato, coarsely grated
½ tsp smoked paprika
2 eggs, (1 poached or fried)
1 Tbsp fat reduced coconut flour or buckwheat/spelt flour
½ small avocado (can sub yogurt with hot sauce)
salt & pepper to taste
optional: dash of hot sauce/chilli flakes

savoury sweet potato rostis Breakfast Dinner Grainfree Lunch

                           Yolk porn alert!

Grate the sweet potato then squeeze it hard to drain some excess water, next mix in one egg, flour, spices and seasoning, adjust to your tastes as needed
Preheat a frying pan with some oil
Using your hands, shape handfuls of the mix into circles then flatten in the palms of your hands and add to the heated pan, Cook for 4-5mins on a medium heat then flip and cook for another 3 mins
Prep the avocado while this cooks (you can also mash it up with some hot sauce to spread over the rostis) and either poach an egg while you wait or fry one in the same pan you’re already using once the sweet potato is done cooking