I’ve been loving this recipe on the lead up to the Christmas period. It helps get some fantastic nutritional goodness into your meals, counts as 2/5 a day and in my opinion is one of the nicest ways to eat brussel sprouts.

This is super easy and quick to whip up and pairs well with a lot of spare food you may have lying around, I’ve added things like flaked almonds and vacuum packed chestnuts. There’s the option of adding on a sweet tahini drizzle for more flavour and additional nutritional goodness! It’s also a great way to use up leftover sprouts that didn’t make it into the Christmas dinner so that they aren’t wasted.

Why you should love your sprouts
Sprouts are part of the cruciferous veg family which have so many benefits, firstly they are packed with fibre and many nutrients but they also help your liver to function better and therefore be more efficient at removing harmful substances due to a compound called sulforaphane and let’s face it, if there’s a time when your liver needs some support, it’s definitely Christmas time!

Simple sweet brussel sprout & apple salad Dinner Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

Recipe (serves 2)
-approx 14 brussel sprouts
-2 red apples
-neutral oil for frying
optional tahini drizzle
-1 generous Tbsp tahini (or use almond butter)
-2 tsp pomegranate molasses (can also use maple/honey)
-boiling water to thin tahini if needed
Suggested toppings
-roasted chestnuts/flaked almonds/roughly chopped nuts

Simple sweet brussel sprout & apple salad Dinner Grainfree Lunch snack vegan

sweet sprout salad


1-Finely slice the sprouts and on a medium heat lightly fry them until soft, approx 2-3 mins
2- While these cook, grate the apples, cut some thin slices of apple if desired and set aside
3- Once cooked to your liking, mix together the sprouts and apple and lay onto plates then mix together the drizzle ingredients and add water to achieve your desired consistency then drizzle over the salad and add any additional toppings before tucking in