Super easy, super tasty, healthy raspberry ruffle overnight oats!
I love creating dishes that make me feel like I’m having dessert for breakfast, (if truth be told, it’s how I get myself out of bed some mornings or else I would never leave it).

✔No chopping or blending needed
✔Can be made in a portable plastic container so you can bring it with you on your commute
✔You can also include a tablespoon of protein powder if you’re using it after an early morning workout

Raspberry ruffle overnight oats Breakfast vegan

There’s not much prep to this brekkie, so it can be made the night before then the next morning just chuck on some raspberries and you’re sorted, this means minimal time required in the morning, even on busy days you’re still set up right with some slow energy release fibre, good fats and berry goodness meaning there’s no excuse not to eat well before a hard day (which is all the more reason to nourish yourself so you don’t crash and burn).

Raspberry ruffle overnight oats Breakfast vegan

Recipe (serves 1)Raspberry ruffle overnight oats Breakfast vegan
180ml milk of choice
1 tsp cacao powder
1 Tbsp shredded (dessicated) coconut
½ cup oats (approx. 50g)
100g fresh raspberries
optional: drizzle of liquid sweetener/protein powder

1-Simply stir together the oats, cacao & coconut (and protein if using) in a bowl then pour in the milk and stir again before placing into the fridge to set overnight
2-The next morning throw on some fresh raspberries and any desired extras e.g liquid sweetener if you want it sweeter
3-If you want it slightly warm (and if it’s already in a microwavable safe bowl) then you can heat it up for a few seconds before adding the berries